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I got a bucket and filled it with raindrops

The new Lily Allen album is pretty incredible. I’ve already listened to it about 3x and I LOVE it 😀

Preparations are underway for my San Diego trip! I spent the weekend cleaning the house from top to bottom. I leave on Saturday morning so I won’t have time to clean next weekend and I know the bf won’t do anything when I’m gone other than throw out the trash and clean the bathrooms/kitchen.  It’s funny that I’m not even gone yet but I’m already thinking about when I get back,lol.

Everytime I workout I put a sticker on my calendar. This month my calendar looks so pitifull.I need to rectify this immediately.  Except that on Friday I slipped on some ice and hurt my ankle. It’s not sprained I don’t think but it really hurts when I walk on it. At lunch I did 1 round of the stairs with my workout buddy but it hurt too much to continue so we ended it there. When I came home I did do some abs and pilates so that’s something.   I am looking forward to working out in the hotel gym when I’m in San Diego though, I have some workout outfits packed already!

I’m still starting out my mornings the same way, I’ve been super lazy when it comes to food. Toast + Nutella. While this is delicious it’s also not the most bang for my buck nutrition-wise. When I get back I’m going to be changing my eating habits back up, but for now I’m going with it.

For dinners this is what I’ve had the last 4 nights..

Saturday was spag w/ homemade sauce & fresh parm & ghetto garlic bread. (lol @ the flyer in the photo!)

Sunday was Butter Chicken. DELISH! I just discovered this meal a few weeks ago and I love it! This time around I tried the President’s Choice sauce and it wasn’t as good as the previous one I’d bought which was V8 I think?

Last night was burgers. With real meat! These were so worth the stomach ache I had to deal with!

Tonight was homemade calzones. Just regular cheese, pepperoni, mushroom and orange pepper mixed with sauce. I forgot to take an inside pic, sorry.


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To err is human–and to blame it on a computer is even more so.

T G I F!

This morning went by ridiculously fast. This afternoon was painfully s l o w. Regardless, work is over and Friday has officially arrived! I cracked open a Pear Cider in celebration!

I only ever post breakfast & dinner because usually my lunches are the same old, sandwich or soup. But yes, I do eat lunch each and every day.

On Wednesday I started off my morning the same way as Monday & Tuesday.

For dinner we ordered in some Chinese food for my birthday. My plate is overfilled, I only ended up eating about half of this food and it kept me full all night.  We had some chicken fried rice, chicken balls & Cantonese Chow Mein. It was kind of disappointing, I think probably because I had my heart set on Thai and there’s not Thai place near where we live 😦

My birthday was completely amazing, probably my best yet! I have a feeling that 28 is going to be a fantastic year!  I got SPOILED by the bf, the parents and my bff. The bf got me a heart rate monitor which I’ve played around with but haven’t had a chance to work out with yet. Tomorrow! 

Thursday was another Nutella bfast.  To change things up a bit I stuffed a banana w/ some chocolate pb.

For dinner I made some pizza. I picked up a flatbread, topped it w/ some pizza sauce, mushrooms, pepperoni, green pepper, olives and lots of cheese. This pizza was traditional but super tasty.

Breakfast today was toast again w/ Nutella but I totally forgot to take a pic.

For lunch I was actually out running errands and I missed Thai lunch with the girls at work. I was super sad about that but they’ve promised to do it again next Friday. I will finally get my Thai food fix 😀  I ended up getting a chicken caesar salad from Costco and it was delish.

Dinner tonight was kind of thrown together last minute. I had a luna bar this afternoon and it just left me completly full.  I had asked the bf to thaw some salmon so I just threw on some makeshift bbq sauce mixed w/ spices, molasses & maple syrup and baked that until it was cooked. On the side we have some steamed carrots and some brown minute rice. Super boring but it was healthy and filling.  Plus, I still have a tiny piece of bday cake calling my name in the fridge 😀

Tomorrow morning I’m going to meet the godchild to give him his xmas gifts and find out what he wants for his bday next month. I’m supposed to leave the house at 10 so I have to make sure to get up a bit earlier to at least get a run in. For the past few weeks I’ve pushed back my workout to when I get home and that just leads to me not doing anything. We have a weigh-in next week for the Biggest Loser at work and I do not want to pay again!

I need to update the weightloss page. I was doing SUPER WELL, but then stuff happened and let’s just say that last weigh-in I had to pay in some money for gaining!  I’m not totally discouraged by that though because it’s a certain time of the month and I’m sure the numbers will for the most part work themselves out next week.

Anyways. I need to go get a bit of cleaning and laundry out of the way. I hope you’re all doing well and on your way to having a fantastic weekend!

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Drive by posting!

Hey guys!

So this morning I got brought to a part of the office where a bunch of my coworkers had assembled to sing me happy birthday and present me with a birthday cake. I felt bad telling them my birthday is actually TOMORROW. lol, I was certainly surprised 😀

So I have 2 days worth of eats to post. Sadly none of it is very interesting.

Yesterday’s breakfast was toast w. chocolate peanut butter & banana.

Dinner was veggie burgers.

This morning was toast w/ Nutella & banana [I loved this way more than the chocolate pb!]

Dinner was plain old tilapia and leftover veggie bake.

Clearly I’ve been in a cooking funk. I’m attributing this to the general getting older funk I’m currently going through but I’m making myself get over it after tomorrow. I promise 😀  I have no idea what I’m eating for dinner tomorrow, I actually forgot it was my bday when I was planning the meals so I think I might go for take out and get my favorite Lebanese Schwarma. Idk.

Anyways, I have lots of studying to do before I can call it a night, I hope you are all doing fantastically well and I plan to play catchup on all your blogs in the morning. Why am I always playing catchup?  I need to manage my time better I suppose.

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