Posted by: limberkimbers | December 1, 2008

Turned out ok, perfect somehow

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening!

I’ve been trying to get online for a short amount of time all day and it’s been pretty much impossible!  I’ve got a few minutes of calm now so I’ll try to get down what I’ve been thinking about.

So this morning the first thing I did after waking up was step on the scale. This is something that I do every morning when I get up, in the afternoon when I change out of my work clothes and at night before bed. Sometimes more. I don’t really know why the scale triggers this ocd part of my brain, but it does. And today I’ve decided that it needs to STOP.  if I’m going to make any kind of progress in turning around my lifestyle to a healthy one the scale can’t be a daily part of my life anymore.

So what I’ve decided is the wrap up my scale and stick it under the Christmas tree. Removing the stress of what the scale tells me is a present to myself.  My intention is to keep it wrapped up until New Years at which point it will complete 1 month of me not weighing myself multiple times per day.

During this month I will continue to slowly change my eating habits, and I will continue to slowly incorporate more physical activity into my daily routine.  If I lose weight during this process – Great!  If not, as long as I’m feeling good and comfortable in my own skin I will be pleased.

Long-term I haven’t really thought about what I’ll do with the scale. Perhaps make weigh-ins a weekly thing, or bi-weekly, or monthly. Ultimately, I think monthly would be best, it will keep me from obsessing over my weight constantly which I need to stop doing.

In an effort to cut down on all of my unecessary sugar intake I decided to take a break from drinking coffee starting yesterday.  In theory this is a good idea, and I’m sure that once I get over the withdrawl period I will feel 100% justified in this decision. Right now though I have the world’s worst headache!  I spent about 45 minutes walking outside with the dogs in the hopes that some exercise and fresh air would help. It did a bit and the dogs were happy to get to stretch their legs.


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