Posted by: limberkimbers | December 3, 2008

Shiny Happy People

All afternoon today I was craving Brusel sprouts. They’re my favorite veggie along with spinach, but I just found it odd that of all the things to crave I picked those!  Unfortunately I was all out at home so I went to Farm Boy for a quick visit.

I picked up my Brussel sprouts, a Pomegranate and some Almond Budder.

The sprouts have been roasted in the oven in a drizzle of olive oil w/ salt & pepper. Now they’re cooling on the counter because not only do I love Brussel sprouts, I love to eat them cold. Yum!

I bought the Pom because as much as I’m obsessed with Lipton’s Pom tea I’ve never tasted the actual fruit!  So I’ve got that all ready to go as a topping for my ceral in the morning, I’m very excited..

But not as excited as I am to have finally found some Almond Budder in this city!  I happened upon it completely by accident, otherwise I would have never found it. They had about 5 jars stored on a bottom shelf in the middle of the dairy aisle.  The tiny jar cost me a ridiculous $9.99 but it is SO WORTH IT.

Image courtesy of the Nut’N’Budder site.

So there’s that. By the time I drove home it was time to get dinner ready so no workout for me tonight.  I’ve been thinking that I need to find the time to workout before work.  I leave in the morning at 6:40 so that would mean getting up by 5am at the latest… That’s not too bad I can easily get in 45 minuutes of cardio. & a shower.  And the exercise will give me extra energy! So I’m going to try that tomorrow.


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