Posted by: limberkimbers | December 5, 2008

Sometimes there’s something about my being on the sidelines doesn’t jibe

I found the cable for my camera! So now I’m ready for more active picture blogging. If anything my pictures will get better as I get used to this camera.. I got it about 2 months ago and have hardly used it!

This was last night’s Naan Pizza. One for me and one for the bf.

Tonight’s dinner was omelettes. A friend of the family gave my 2 dozen eggs that are taking up way too much space in the fridge.  I made one for the bf and one for me, the only difference is for mine I used 1 egg + 1 egg white.  And it turned out to be way too much food. I only ate half.  I topped the omelette with some Farm Boy fresh salsa.  On the side are some roasted sweet potatoes.

I went and did all of my grocery shopping for the week as soon as I got home. It had started to snow and I just wanted to get it done before the roads got bad. That meant putting off my workout until later.  I’m just waiting until I feel slightly less full before I jump on the treadmill for some intervals.

Tomorrow my mom and I are having a ‘Mother & Daughter’ day. We’re driving out to a small town to visit some Christmas boutiques and have lunch. It should be a fun day! I’m definitely going to be bringing the camera along for some shots.


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