Posted by: limberkimbers | December 5, 2008

Laughing with your broken eyes

I totally rocked my workout last night.  I did 50 minutes total, 30 on the treadmill doing intervals and then 20 more on the bike.  I felt great afterwards too! I probably could have gone on a bit longer but I opted not to for two reasons. The first being that my hip is still bothering me a bit and I don’t want another injury. My second reason is that I wasn’t hungry for my afternoon yoghurt yesterday so by the time my workout was done at 5:30 I was starting to get hungry!

Dinner consisted of delish Naan pizzas that I made. I even took pictures..unforutnately I couldn’t find my cable to get the pics of the camera. I’ll get better organized this weekend.

Tonight is grocery night so today I’m browsing the net for some new and healthy recipes I can add into my cooking rotation. I also need to prepare my list so that I’m in and out of there in a reasonable time. (and without overspending which I always do!)

I just saw on Sparkpeople that My Fitness Coach has finally come out on the Wii!  It’s not listed on the Canadian Amazon site yet though so it’s probably not out here.. much like Jillian Michael’s Fitness Ultimatum 😦  It would be nice to get another Fitness-y game for my wii though! Granted I haven’t used my wii in a couple of months.. I’m guessing if I had a few different games I wouldn’t get bored as quickly.

Ok, back to recipe hunting. Happy Friday!


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