Posted by: limberkimbers | December 8, 2008

I’m finally dandy with the me inside.

Sunday was not a good day!   I decided to sleep in until about 10am. At 10:30 the power went out 😦  And it stayed off until almost 9pm!  I had planned on studying all day while doing some laundry. Well, my course is through correspondence and there’s only so much I can read from the textbook until I get too far ahead of all the assignments.  Needless to say it was a LONG day!

Before the power went out I did have time to get breakfast ready. Sorry about the terrible photo. I had a whole wheat english muffin w/ egg & cheese + a small banana topped w/ almond butter. And Green tea.

I had my leftover Mediteranean wrap & some carrots for lunch.  Dinner was a sandwich, just your basic turkey/cheese/onion/cucumber/spinach/mayo.  In a moment of boredom I also had a handful of tortillas and some salsa. Being unable to heat up water for my tea sucked. I normally drink a tea when I feel snacky but I couldn’t help it yesterday!

This morning my day started off kind of bad also.. I slept in!  Breakfast was a rushed bowl of cereal & toast w/ jam and almond butter, and a banana. Lunch was the same sandwich as I had for dinner on Sunday. Again, no pictures :/

When I came home I was happy to finally be able to get on the treadmill!  I did 21 minutes of intervals but then my knee really started bothering me. I decided to get on the bike and do 30 minutes of intervals there.

Dinner!  I was planning on making portobello burgers for dinner but since we’d had a light meal day yesterday I decided to make pasta. I boiled some whole wheat rotini in some green tea and then tossed that with some spinach, red onion, black olives and about a quarter cup of Greek dressing.

I made WAY too much pasta!

I served myself a small bowl w/ lots of spinach and topped it with some delicious feta cheese. SO GOOD.

I’m pretty sure that’ll be it for me today. I’m full! It felt good to eat something more than just a sandwich. Speaking of which, I need to go make my sandwich for tomorrow’s lunch.

But first, I did get a surprise today! [does it count if it’s something you got yourself? lol] Last week I had ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon during their crazy Black Friday deals.. and those things arrived tonight!

I still think it’s ridic that I got all this loot for less than $100!  From the top down I got Mad Men Season 1 on blue ray,  Supernatural season 3, Gilmore Girls season 7, Prison Break season 2 [my bf looooves this show], Kitchen Confidential, Weeds seasons 1 & 2 and Psych season 2.  I love receiving stuff in the mail that isn’t BILLS! haha!


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