Posted by: limberkimbers | December 9, 2008

The calendar, on your wall, is ticking the days off

The commute to and from work was a nightmare today!  What normally takes about 30 minutes took 2 1/2 hours each way.  Thankfully I’m safely home so I cant complain. Also, my driveway had been plowed by the neighbour so that was a bonus!  All I had to do was shovel the walk and then the back steps & an area for the dogs to go. All in all it took me about 25 minutes so I’m counting that as my workout for today.  They’re predicting the same for tomorrow morning which should be interesting because the Public Transportation workers are also supposed to be walking out at midnight. Tomorrow should be even MORE of a nightmare!

The snow sucks to drive in, but it sure is pretty!

Anyhow, that’s enough of that.  I’m out of cereal 😦 So this morning I had a whole wheat English muffin w/ egg & cheese and a banana w/ almond butter.

I didn’t take a picture of my lunch.. again.. but I had another sandwich w/ some baby cut carrots. Boring but it’s good and keeps me full until I get home.  At around 2pm I had a tea and a piece of dark Lindt chocolate.

I had anticipated that the storm would delay my arrival home so last night I prepared this Chicken Osso Buco recipe to cook in the slow cooker during the day.  So that’s what I had for dinner along with some brown rice.  I’ve never had Osso Buco before so I have nothing to compare this to, but oit’s nothing extraordinary.  I was pretty much starving since I was stuck in the car almost 2 hours longer than expected.. I’m still a bit hungry but I’ll have some tea and hopefully i’m good with that.

And that was my day.  I’m pretty much exhausted. I don’t think I’ll be studying tonight.



  1. Your snow looks like mine! Luckily it just stopped though!

  2. Oh man, a 2 hour delay due to the snow. That’s terrible! Hope it won’t be like that for you every day!!!

    That chicken looks so good.. too bad it was nothing to write home about. I’m definitely on the lookout for great crockpot recipes. Do you have any favorites?

    Oh btw, thanks for checking out my blog! 🙂

  3. Thanks! Now the delays aren’t because of the snow but because of the transit strike! There’s nothing I can do about it though so I shall just grin and bear it 😀

    I just recently got a crockpot, like maybe less than a month ago so i’m still looking for great recipes that are also healthy [it hasn’t been easy!]

    So far this Chicken and Dumplings one has been tasty but I modified many things.. I also came across this blog – A Year of Crockpotting which has many interesting recipes that I just haven’t gotten around to trying yet. I’ll for sure post any attempts when I do though.

    Thanks for the coment!

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