Posted by: limberkimbers | December 11, 2008

And now I’m glad I hitched my apple wagon to your star

So my commuting situation has not gotten any worse. The weather has cleared up but now the Public Transit is on strike.. so there’s a bunch more cars on the road.. I used to get home at 4:15, now I walk in the door around 6pm.  I miss having my afternoons to work out!  I haven’t done any kind of exercise in the last 3 days and I miss it 😦

Anyways.  I never got around to posting yesterday.. my morning and lunch we’re the same as the day before, so I just took a picture of my dinner.  For the first time ever I made portobello burgers!  I thought they were delicious! My boyfriend took one bite and threw his out 😦  Good thing I’d bought him some beef burgers just in case.  I had some baked sweet potato & beets as a side and they also were quite delicious!

For breakfast today was again the same old as I was still out of cereal. Plus I still have a dozen or so eggs to use up so it’s kind of killing 2 birds. 

Again no pictures of lunch – I left my camera at home. It just a sandwich, again and some baby carrots.

I went to Costco after work and picked up a few things…

And found a few surprises! It turns out that Costco now has Almond butter!  And it’s not through the roof expensive! This jar only cost $7.50[ish]

And Larabars! I’ve never had one before, ever!  I checked online and one of the health food stores that has them sells them for $2.69 and I got 12 of them for $20 so I just went for it.

And dinner was a stir fry.  Some veggies, scallops, sesame oil, soya sauce and rice noodles cooked in green tea.

I just went and had at my ‘stats’ for the week and it would appear that I don’t have nearly enough fiber in my diet.. so I’ll have to keep that in mind while preparing my grocery list for next week. 

I am so happy that tomorrow is finally Friday!  I’m looking forward to working out this weekend! I can’t wait to run and bike and do some pilates and yoga, it’ll be great to finally get moving again!



  1. Bummer he didn’t like the portabella burgers — I adore them!

    And I’m totally jealous of your Larabar and almond butter find! That’s worth the cost of joining Costco alone! 🙂

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