Posted by: limberkimbers | December 14, 2008

Better be ready, hope that you feel the same

Today was a great day!

I started off my day with this for breakfast, Oatmeal [v.plain w/ cinamon & banana & almond butter] and some grapefruit, cherries and an apricot. Oh! And the other half of the banana w/ some more almond butter.

I waited a couple of hours and then went to the basement for my first workout in nearly a week!  I did 30 minutes on the treadmill doing intervals and then I switched over to the boke for another 30 minutes of intervals.   I had intended to do some yoga afterwards but my legs felt kind of week since I pushed myself on the treadmill & bike. I’ll save the yoga for tomorrow.

I waited about 45 minutes and made lunch. I was in the mood for some salad so I made one with pretty much everything except the kitchen sink. My bf said he didn’t want one when I offered to make one for him too, but when he saw mine he said he regretted his decision 😀  This has about a cup of spinach leaves, a few leaves of romaine, some cucumber, tomato, onion, a few black olives, a tiny bit of cheese, bacon, turkey and flax seeds. I just added a tablespoon of fake mayo for ‘dressing’ but it wasn’t really needed!

I also was a bit bad at lunch.. when I was doing groceries yesterday I could not resist picking up a parmesan & herb baguette. It smelled delicious and I knew it was one of the bf’s faves.  Well, I had 2 pieces along with my salad. I wish they made this w/ multi grain bread! Although that might not be good either because I would buy it more often!  I do have to admit though, I very rarely eat anything made with white flour and this kind of made my stomach upset. Oh well!

And then we have dinner.  I had meant to make this recipe last week but since it took 2.5 hours to cook I was unable to what with my getting home late all week.  So my poor cabbage sat on my counter all week but it was still good so into this dish it went.  Basically it’s a bunch of shredded cabbage topped with chopped onion, brown rice and tomato soup. I added some garlic and instead of tomato soup I used this fresh Ariabatta sauce I had left over.  The sauce was a bit spicy but this meal was still quite good.. and made lots of leftovers!  I felt like the dish was missing some kind of protein so I heated up some Veggie ground round to go with it.  The whole meal doesn’t look that great but I promise, it’s tasty!

And that’s my Sunday eats!  It’s still early, 6:30pm so I *may* eat a little something else, but it’ll probably just be a piece of dark chocolate.  Or another yummy apricot!  Now I just need to get my laundry finished. I’ve been putting it off all week but I can’t put it off any more!



  1. Oh YOU are “limberkimbers”! lol, I think before whenever you commented on my blog you didn’t put your blog’s address. Glad to put a name to a blog =)

    And cherries at this time of year?? cherries are my favoriiiite.

  2. lol, yeah that pretty much sounds like something I’d do 😀 I’m still figuring out my way around here!

    I was quite surprised to see the cherries in the store, I LOVE them so much so even though they were way too expensive I couldn’t resist picking up a small bag!

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