Posted by: limberkimbers | December 15, 2008

You’re free until you’ve had enough

It’s currently 6:20 pm.. a couple of nights last week I was just getting home from work!  Today we smartened up a little and left a half hour early at 3. I was home by 4! It’s still 30 minutes longer than usual, and getting there this morning still took 2.5 hours, but I’m gonna make the best of what I got! I managed to come home, work out, cook dinner & eat and now I’m gonna blog and then go watch the season finale of Dexter! I’ve been looking forward to this ALL DAY!

So this morning? I was a little bit dans la lune. I normally make an egg mcmuffin w/ a banana, or cereal with a banana or toast with a banana.. this morning I was so out of it that I made an egg mcmuffin AND toast! lol It was only as I was sitting down to eat that I realized my mistake so I added an apricot to the meal.  I am looking forward to my banana tomorrow though! You can bet I won’t forget again!

I actually took a picture of my lunch last night when I made it. I went back to my tried and true favorite, a turkey sandwich!  It’s got mayo, a teeny bit of hot sauce, turkey, cheese, spinach, onion and cucumber.  I had a side of baby cut carrots with it, those aren’t pictured though.

When I got home I got in my workout. I took it easy with 20 minutes of walking/running intervals, 20 minutes of biking intervals and then I finished off with 20 minutes of yoga.  I actually do yoga via my wii fit. I love it because while I’ve been to a tonne of pilates classes I’ve never actually been to any yoga class. The wii fit is good in that it makes sure I’m distributing my weight properly and balanced.  One of these days when I get more confidence I’ll have to go to a real yoga class!

And then we have dinner.  I was planning on eating some tilapia and during lunch I came across an Oat and Flax Crusted Tilapia.  Since oats and flax are always plentiful in my house I decided to make it.

I even made extra since I’m eating alone 2x this week!  This was my plate though, 1 filet, lots of roasted brussel sprouts and a sweet potato nuked in the microwave and topped w/ sea salt and pepper.  This was a very filling meal and I will for sure be baking this oat and flax breading again! I highly recommend it.

So all in all it was a good eating day!  I think I might have some dessert later, probably some more of those cherries I bought this weekend.

But right now I’m going to watch Dexter! I really can’t believe this season is already over, it’s gone by so quickly!



  1. your dinner looks so good!! esp. that swt potato YUM!

  2. Wow, that tilapia looks great!

  3. That flax and oat tilapia looks delicious and nutritious. That’s the second time I’ve seen brussel sprouts and thought I need to be eating more of them. I’m going to make some for lunch. Thanks for sharing & for adding me to your blogroll.

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