Posted by: limberkimbers | December 18, 2008

You stole the sun from my heart.

Today was such an exhaustingly long day. I left my house at 5:30am and didn’t get hom until 5:30pm!  The good news is, only 1 more day until vacation! The bad news is we have another storm warning in effect.

Today was our group’s X-mas breakfast, so at5 this morning I just had a piece of multi whole grain toast w/ some almond butter & jam and a cup of blackberries. Those berries are so good, I wish I’d of bought a couple more packages of them! Plus as an added bonus they’re a good source of fiber!

At the actual restaurant when we ordered at 8:30 I got the special. 2 eggs over easy, whole wheat toast, hasbrowns and I subbed the bacon for tomato.  I ate 1 slive of toast, the eggs, tomato and about a half cup of hashbrowns. And i drank loooots of tea! It was a fun time, much better than the Christmas party a few days ago.

I had lunch at about 1 since I was still not hungry from breakfast, I had my usual sandwich & carrots.

I left work at 2pm since I’d arrived at 6 this morning. I figured since I’m almost all caught up in my work I didn’t need to stay later, and that way I could avoid traffic. I picked up my mother at her work and we went and did some grocery shopping. Every year she participates in this program that pairs you up with a more or less needy family during the holidays and you’re in charge of getting them items for a meal. My mom had met with the woman earlier this week and gotten an idea of the food the like so we got a bunch of that plus some toys for the kids and a gift for the mom. That was fun, plus I also managed to find some more things to buy for myself.

I’ve been wanting to try almond milk for a while now and the Fit Bottomed Girls’ post  yesterday convinced me to pick some up. They were 3/$5 at Superstore so I got 3!  I also picked up a bad of pitted dates, some Fibre 1 for various Hungry Girl recipes (I know she uses the fibre 1 bars but whatever), some veggie chips, rice chips and some pumpkin crunch. I’m pretty much I have food to last me through the next couple of weeks if not longer! And I in no way needed more tea but I picked up some gingerbread spice, tropical green tea and Chai green tea.

For dinner I had a veggie burger on a Thintini bun. This was my first time trying on and I thought it was great!  I added a Laughing Cow cheese, some avocado, onion, spinach, ketchup and spicy mustard.  On the side I had a serving of veggie chips, some baby carrots and tzaziki to dip the carrots and chips in. This tzaziki is pretty much the best stuff I’ve found around. It’s so thick and tasty.

My throught & ears are killing me today so I think I’m going to make myself a pot of tea, watch Monday night’s episode of Chuck and then go to bed. Tomorrow’s another early day, we’re leaving at 5:30am again 😦 My mother actually wanted to leave at 5:00am but she’s in even worse shape than I am today so I convinced her to leave a bit later.  I’ll have to catch up in blog land tomorrow I guess!



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