Posted by: limberkimbers | December 19, 2008

But the lonely are such delicate things

It’s Friday! It was another long day but it’s over!    I’m sitting here sipping some Tropical green tea and I’m finally starting to de-stress. What a week!

At around 5am I had this for breakfast:

A piece of toast w/ almond butter and jam and some Kashi Go Lean Crunch topped with Blackberries.  I’ve only got enough of the berries left for 1 more serving, so I guess I’m going back to pomegranate seeds next week.

At 11:30 I was starving so I ate my sandwich and carrots.  I’m going to be home for the next few weeks so I’ll probably have more interesting lunches as well as actual pictures 🙂

Again after work my mother and I went and did some shopping for the family she’s buying a Christmas meal for. Again I found stuff for myself. It’s actually fun for me because we’re going to all these grocery stores I don’t usually go to since I’m such a creature of habit.  This is what I came home with.

I bought these 2 bars because they were fairly inexpensive (about $1.20 each), they’re made with all natural ingredients and they’re from here.  I’ll provide more info on them when I actually eat them.

I picked up another brand of soy chips, sprouts, whote wheat fresh pasta noodles, large cans of pumpkin (only $2/each!), vermicelli, cooking spray, korn, red pepper, ricotta, black olives, mini naan’s and bamboo shoots.

This morning when I was at work I was speaking on the phone with my boyfriend as he was getting ready for work. All of a sudden he yelled “MOUSE!”.  We have a mouse in our house 😦  So I also picked up a mouse trap… but a humane one so I can set it free outside, I do feel bad though because it’s really super cold. And while I was at Canadian Tire picking that up I saw that Kettle Bells are also on sale, so I bought two 5lb bells and one 10lb bell.

Finally I got home and made dinner.

Since I got home so late I just threw together a very simple stir fry. It’s got carrot, celery, onion, red pepper, garlic, sprouts and ginger. The sauce is just a splash of soya sauce and a splash of sesame oil. I also added a few shrimps and tiny scallops.  I love stir fry.



  1. That stir fry dish looks soooo good =P

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