Posted by: limberkimbers | December 21, 2008

And we become silhouettes when our bodies finally go

So the last 3 days I haven’t been tracking my calories, I need to get back to doing that starting tomorrow morning.  I’m also getting back into working out.  I’ve been taking it easy these last 4 days because my throat has not stopped hurting but yesterday I finally discovered something that temporarily relieves my throat pain.. Advil! So armed with that tomorrow I will head back into the basement for some running and biking and yoga.

I woke up to snow this morning, they were expecting massive snowfall, in my backyard we got snow up to my knees. Real scientific, I know! My poor lab had snow up to his chin but he was LOVING it out there! And my neighbour was fantastic again and snow blowed our driveway. And he did it again after the street got plowed. I need to go and buy him  a 2-4.

So anyways, I had an eating day today. It’s not that I was particularly hungry but I was home and feeling sick-y and tired and couldn’t really taste stuff so I just kept eating.

Breakfast was a piece of toast w/ almond butter and jam and a bowl of Kashi.

Snack – a small serving of veggie chips.

Not too long after the snack my bf requested lunch. I was planning on making Hungry Girl’s Butternut Squash Latke’s but he wanted salad. I made both. The latkes were dipped in Tzaziki.

Even though lunch was super filling, I still had a snack mid afternoon. More veggie chips and a square of dark chocolate. (I think this stuff is 80% but I forget).

Dinner was pretty simple. I make some butternut squash fries with the squash I had left from lunch. I also cookied up some brocoli tenders and pork chops stuffed with stuffing. I wasn’t a big fan so I only had about 5 bites of the pork.  My bf also mentioned Mozzarella sticks out of nowhere today so I tried to make some with cheese string & breading made out of fibre 1 cereal and spices.  I also threw in a few laughing cow pieces.

The cheese before:

And this is dinner including 1 of the cheesestring halves and one of the laughing cow pieces. The cheese string completely melted out but the Laughing cow stayed intact, unfortunately I took this pic in a hurry and you can barely see it 😦

After dinner I decided to make some pumpkin bread.

I don’t love it and consider this experiment a failure. The bf loves it but I find it too heavy.  I’ll probably try again once this is either eaten or thrown out.  I did have half of a slice to try it along with a cup of tea.  No picture of that but here’s what the cooked and cut loaf looks like.



  1. Mmm homemade mozzarella sticks. I’ve been wanting to try that. They look tasty!

    That’s too bad about the loaf attempt but honestly it looks pretty darn tasty to me! I’d probably eat it haha, I love a good dense loaf.

  2. I got some 70% chocolate from a family member in Germany but it was filled with cherry and Chile flavoring. It was very delicious but I’m guessing that the filling made it a little less nutritious. However, i loved it so much i bought the same thing with orange filling for a stocking stuffer.

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