Posted by: limberkimbers | December 21, 2008

His teeth get itchy and his rubber souls burn

Last night was Christmas at the in-laws.  I’m sad to say that I forgot my camera at home 😦 Though some pictures were taken by others, I’m pretty sure there weren’t any of the food.

I started off my morning with a piece of toast w/ almond butter and jam, and the rest of my cherries & blackberries.

By noon I was starting to get a bit hungry but I was waiting for the bf’s workout to be done to eat. So I had some of my veggie chips while I waited.

And then for 12:45 I made the bf and I each a salad of spinach, romaine, carrot, cucumber, turkey, bacon, flax, almonds and tzaziki with a cheese string on the side.  This actually kept me full all afternoon up until 6:30 when we had dinner.

We spent the afternoon playing poker, which is what we do every year. To be honest it was kind of fun the first couple of times but this was the 5th year and I was ready to play something different. Anyways, I actually ended up winning so yay me!  I walked away with $40, the runner up, my MIL got her $10 back.  While we played I did snack on 1 piece of cheddar, 2 olives and 3 gherkins.

Dinner was turkey, I had a pam-sized piece of white meat, a spoonful of mashed potatoes, a bit of gravy and a bit of stuffing. I also added a tiny bit of slaw. This year the MIL let us serve ourselves which I was happy about. In past years she’s always loaded my plate up as much as the boys and I always felt obligated to eat everything.  Along with dinner I had a small glass of red wine.

After I helped clear the table and wash the dishes we started in on a discussion about food and how as a society we’re not concious enough about where our food comes from and how it gets to our table. This is something that’s super interesting to me so it was a great discussion.  While this went on, the MIL had brought out a tray of bite size desserts. I had 2 of them. One looked like a chocolate chip square, it was good but kind of heavy. A few hours later I went back and tried her pumpkin walnut bread. It was delicious! I wish I’d had 2 pieces of that instead! I’m going to try to recreate this at home this week sometime.

It was a fun night, we got back in at around 11:30pm and went right to bed. I’m happy that we had nice weather to drive out there because in the past we’ve been stuck in several storms and the drive home wasn’t great.  I woke up this morning to snow though! A lot of it and it’s falling in a heavy blanket. Since I have nowhere to go today I’m going to stay in and enjoy it. 

I’ll be back later with today’s eats!


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