Posted by: limberkimbers | December 23, 2008

It’s a Festivus for the rest of us!

Happy Festivus everybody!  I’m actually a tad  disappointed that I haven’t come across ‘The Strike’ being aired on one of the many chanels that airs Seinfeld every day. Oh well.

I’ve had a productive day today. I spent the majority of it cleaning my kitchen. I have yet to tackle the fridge or pantry but I’ve still made considerable progress. I haven’t studied yet though and I really need to quit putting it off 😦

Anyways, I woke up not hungry at all today but I made myself eat 2 pieces of toast w/ almond butter and jam anyways.  I ate these and sipped on some tea while catching up in blog land.

Lunch was a hardboiled double yolk egg and one sweet potato cut into fries and seasoned with salt, pepper and curry powder.  It’s apparently been an eternity since I’ve hardboiled an egg because this one is kind of sad looking! The fries were good though they could have used a bit longer in the over to get crispier. Everything still tasted fine though.

I also snacked on a tiny piece of pizza leftover from yesterday. There’s actually a tonne more in the fridge but I limited myself to this one piece.

After I ate I decided to organize all of my tea.  I have a ridiculous amount and that in no way stopped me from buying 2 more kinds when I was getting some groceries this afternoon!

Mid afternoon I had a snack. I cup of English Breakfast and a square of dark chocolate. YUM.

I had a bag of precut butternut squash about to go bad in the fridge, so I decided to make my Butternut Mac & Cheese for dinner.  While I was making that I snacked on some cherries that I picked up this afternoon.

And then I got to work!  I threw about half that bag of squash, 1 cup of milk & 1 cup of chicken stock into a pot and cooked until the squash was cooked through, about 25 minutes.

While this cooked I went and shoveled the front walk. I’ve been meaning to do it for 2 days, but it had to be done and we’re getting more snow tonight so yeah.

When I came back I mashed the squash and added a pinch of cayenne, nutmeg, salt and lots of pepper.

And then I forgot to take pictures but I added in 1 box of uncooked pasta, I used Scoobi Doo which is just like macaroni but longer and curly, I’m not really sure how to describe it. I added 1 cup of sharp cheddar cheese, 1 small tub of ricotta and a quarter cup of parmesan and mixed everything together.  And then I added a thin layer of oats on top followed by some more parmesan and a sprinking of flax seeds. I covered it with foil and cooked for about 25 minutes. I then removed the foil and cooked for another 15-20 minutes. 

This stuff has such fantastic texture and taste, I’d probably make it every week if I could get away with it!

Here’s what my serving looked like –

This makes so much too that there’s always tonnes leftover so I’m looking forward to having this for lunch in the coming days!

I tried another one of the beers I bought tonight, this time it was a pear cider. I’ve never had cider in my life, and if they all taste half as good as this stuff I might be in trouble. I loved it!  This is probably going to become my special treat drink. 

I’mn still hoping to get in some yoga later on this evening. The bf has to get up at 4am for work so I’ll probably go after he’s gone to bed. By then I should be feeling a bit less hungry!



  1. Butternut squash mac and cheese? I think I need to get away from your blog right now because the idea alone is making me crazy hungry. It looks delicious.

    We have way too much tea as well. I’m trying to get through some of the many kinds in there so I can buy new ones. Otherwise they just won’t fit in the cupboard! Shoutout to the PC Chocolaty Chai. 😉

  2. I love how the tea is right next to the Advil =) Usually the right kind of tea and slowing down to put my feet up will take care of a headache, or even cramps, but when that isn’t enough there is always Advil =)

    I grew up with raspberry and lemon tea, but lately with all the green teas I can’t find good old raspberry tea? I guess I need to find a new favorite. I’m extremely caffeine sensitive and can only do the “No Caffeine” teas or I get shaky. Luckily most herbal teas work fine.

    Anywho, Thanks for sharing your cupboards with us. Very impressive organization. You’d die if you saw mine =)

  3. Wow that beer looks insteresting!
    haha I always forget how long to cook hardboiled eggs for, which is the main reason I don’t make them as much as I want, and I get too lazy too google it hehe..

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