Posted by: limberkimbers | December 23, 2008

We are cast from Eden’s gate with no regrets

Something I’d already forgotten in the last few days I’ve been on vacation: EAT BREAKFAST.  During the week I wake up sleepy and it’s just a routine, I have to make it and eat it before I leave. When I’m home and have nowhere to go? I should just make it right when I get home. Yesterday I didn’t because I wasn’t hungry and I didn’t end up eating until 11:30! So then I didn’t have lunch because I wasn’t hungry for it. And my whole eating for the day was thrown off because of it.

I got a workout in before eating breakfsat.  I did 30 minutes on the treadmill doing intervals of running and walking, I did another 30 minutes on the bike doing intervals again.  I ended my workout doing some yoga. I got in about 15 minutes before the phone rang and I made plans to leave in the next half hour, so I had to stop there.  I think today I might just do yoga but a whole hour of it. I feel as if I need a really good stretch.

When I eventually did have breakfast this is what I had.

A serving of Kashi Go Lean Crunch and 2 pieces of toast with almond butter and jam.  I also had a cup of Gingerbread Spice tea.

I ended up leaving the house not too long after this to do some shopping with my mom. The mall was ridiculous as can be expected only a few days before Christmas!  While there I got a White Hot Chocolate from Second Cup, YUM! And I had a sip of my mom’s Pumpkin Spice Latte which was also delicious.  And while at the mall I ended up only buying stuff for myself. Some face products from The Body Shop and a pair of mustard yellow pumps.

After the mall we went to Costco. Since I’ve been buying so much lately I only bought a big bag of baby cut carrots, a sugar pie for the bf, a pair of black Dockers for the bf who needs them for work, and also a black pair of Dockers for myself since they were marked down to something ridiculous like $10. Oh, and I also got Self magazine.

The Liquor store was last. I’d already bought all of my liquor store gifts last week, so while I was waiting around for my mom to pick her things I browsed the local beer section. I ended up buying 8 different bottes and cans of local and close to local beers & ciders to try out.  I only bought one of each so this way I only drink half or less of the can/bottle and give the rest to the bf. It’s win-win for him.

Since errands had me running late, the bf made dinner. And by made I mean he pulled it out of the deep freeze and stuck it in the oven. This is a pepperoni & ricotta pizza from Superstore. It’s big selling poinbt is that it’s a 2 1/2 lb pizza.  I loved the ricotta on the pizza, and the crust was light and flakey but also not whole wheat.

I took 1 piece of pizza and considered getting another piece, the bf went back for 4 more!  I decided to wait until I was done drinking my half of the beer and see if I was still hungry then. I wasn’t really so I’m glad I didn’t eat another one.  I also came very close to eating a small piece of the Sugar pie I’d bought.. but I decided to call it a night and go to bed instead. Another good decision!

I’ll be back later with my eats for Tuesday.



  1. great job on your good decisions! its always hard not to go back for another piece of pizza 🙂

  2. Finally able to catch up on my blog reading!

    That pizza looks delish – love the ricotta!

    Nothing better than pizza+beer!

  3. Wow your good. Pizza for what ever reason is my weakness. Especially when it’s a little gourmet. Thanks for sharing.

    I had a similar morning. The kids slept in so I didn’t get up until 10:30 =[ I should just enjoy, but it throw my whole day of. I’ll set a real alarm tomorrow and maybe get a workout in before they wake up =)

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