Posted by: limberkimbers | January 2, 2009

Another Drive-by posting, aka Happy (belated) New Year!

This morning I’m doing 2 days in 1.


Breakfast was pumpkin oats w/ dark chocolate chips & coconut.  I ate about half of this and then was too full to finish it.

Lunch was a tuna sandwich and chipotle corn soup.

For some reason I was mostly hungry all of this day so midafternoon I pulled out a Think Organic bar,, but only ate half of it.

While I was eating the bar I decided that what I really wanted was some nuts and dark chocolate. So I ate a handful of almonds/pecans and 2 pieces of Toblerone Dark.

Dinner was Hungry Girl’s Turkey Taco Meatloaf w/ a few changes.  I was sort of out of it on this day because I completly forgot to make any sides to go with this :/  I put out some Nacho chips & salsa on the table but forgot to take apicture of it.

For dessert I had a mini cake that I made using Spiced cake mix & canned pumpkin. I topped it with some Cinammon-Honey butter. It was so good that I went back for another.. minus the butter.

My workout on Wednesday was 15 minutes jogging/running intervals on the treadmill, 22 minutes of yoga and then 30 minutes of intervals on the bike. I forgot my abs 😦

Plans on this NYE were non-existant. The bf had to get up for work at 4:30am so he stayed in and I did the same.  I did not drink an ounce of alcohol either!  I stayed up for a bit, watched Music & Lyrics and then went to bed.


I got up at around 9:30 but was not even a little bit hungry, i’m guessing for all the eating I had done the previous day.

Lunch was a loaded open-faced sandwich with the leftover tuna from the day before. I also included some chips & salsa.  This kept me full for a super long time.

During dinner prep I decided to be ‘bad’ and have a beer.

In an effort to use up more ingredients I had laying around I decided to make ‘Chicken Pot Pie’ for dinner.  I had a frozen pie crust, a roll of Pilsbury Dough [for pigs in blankets I believe.. I had bought it to make Spanakopita but never got around to it] I used a can of cream of mushroom + some extra milk, chopped onion, carrot, garlic and turkey.  It was different… but also good. I’ve never made this before and I kind of improvised the whole thing, next time I would heat up the filling before putting everything in the oven. When I pulled this out the crust was done but the filling wasn’t hot 😦

I had another Corona w/ dinner.  And then an hour or so later I was craving something sweet so I had another of my Pumpkin spice cakes.

My workout on this day was 22 minutes of yoga, 15 minutes of abs and then 20 minutes of running/jogging intervals on the treadmill. I was NOT in the mood to do any kind of running/biking but I made myself get on for a short period. I figure since my vacation is almost over I should just suck it up because I know that during the week when I’m back at work I won’t have the luxury of doing long workouts.



  1. great job on the workouts! i’ve never tried those think organic bars, are they any good?

  2. Love how you added coconut to your pumpkin oatmeal…and who can say no to chocolate. Well, I guess I can…I ate way to much on new years eve and thru it all out the next day. Time for my chocolate detox. I know the darker 70% or more chocolate has more antioxidants, but the fat and refined sugar give me headaches. So, detox it is =)

  3. Couldn’t finish that bowl of oats? But it looks so good! I’d probably end up forcing it down anyway just out of pure deliciousness hahah

    And that turkey meatloaf looks awwwwesome. I love Hungry Girl.

  4. @FollowMyWeigh – re the Think Organic bars.. this is the only one I’ve ever tried and it was ok. It reminded me of a Larabar which I like but don’t love… I think I would have liked this bar a lot more if it was chocolatier!

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