Posted by: limberkimbers | January 2, 2009

She’ll never know that I’m the best that she’ll never have

I’m kind of sad that my vacation is over! I’ve got this weekend off and then it’s back to work. I didn’t get nearly as much done in my course as I had hoped.. which means I’m going to have to focus a lot more on that in the coming few months.. what was I thinking doing this?! lol. I know it’ll eventually be worth it though so I should just study hard.

Another not so great thing is that the public transit folks are still on strike so the commuting to and from work will still be a nightmare. But, I still have 2 days off so I’m not going to worry too much about next week for now. I’ll just deal with that as it happens.

I really need to get out and do groceries. My pantry & freezer are full but I’m almost out of fresh produce which sucks.

For breakfast I made a quick egg+cheese+english muffin. I would have loved some grapefruit with this but I had none left 😦

A couple of hours after breakfast I decided to go and workout. I got in 25 minutes on the treadmill doing run/jog intervals. I was aiming for 30 minutes but I lost my mental focus in those last 5 minutes and convinced myself to quit. I regretted it soon after because I totally could have finished those last 5 minutes! Last year I was running for 45 minutes straight so I know I can do it, I just need to stop doubting myself!  After the run I did 15 minutes of intervals on the bike, followed by 22 minutes of yoga and 15 minutes of abs. Followed by a nice HOT epsom salt bath.

And then I had lunch. Like I said, I’m low on produce.. so this burger was missing tomato, avocado, spinach, maybe some cucumber,  All it had was cheese, spicy mustard & ketchup, red onion and a veggie patty. Kind of lame but it still filled me up so that was good.

I had actually planned to go out and get some groceries this afternoon but we got a tiny snowstorm sort of, so I opted to stay in and do some cleaning and catch up on some stuff on the ti-faux.   

I did get hungry midafternoon so I got myself a small handful of nuts and a cheese string which totally hit the spot. I’ve noticed that my apetite increases so much when I put in a good workout.. which makes sense 😀

Dinner was simple, another meal to help get rid of more turkey. I cooked up some brocoli, onion & garlic, added turkey, soya sauce, black bean paste and sesame oil and served over spinach vermicelli. I then topped the whole thing with toasted sesame seeds. It was ok but I like the way I normally make this more, w/ celery and whole wheat macaroni.

Tonight I’m actually planning on setting my alarm so that I get up early tomorrow morning. I’m normally an early riser but this last week I’ve been getting up at 10am pretty much every day! A big change from my normal 7am and I find the days go too fast when I get up too late.

Another thing I forgot to mention in my last post, if anyone’s interest I did put up a ‘Weight Loss‘ page. It’s still a work in progress but it’s where I’ll be keeping track of how much weight/inches I’m losing as time goes by. I also decided to bite the bullet and throw on a couple of pictures. I’m a super shy person so this was kind of hard to do, especially since they’re pics of me at my heighest weight, but I need to let go and just put it out there.  I always love seeing pics on other blogs too so I couldn’t not put any up on mine.



  1. public transit people on strike? wow that sounds like it would be chaos!

    and yay i’m so happy for pictures now, i love them!!!

  2. Looking forward to your weight loss page!

    Do you make a menu before you grocery shop? Just wondering!

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