Posted by: limberkimbers | January 3, 2009

The big screen’s calling, final casting call

Let me just say, I started off my day with the BEST. OATS. EVER.  I made banana-chocolate chip pancake oats. I went a tad overboard with the maple syrup but it was so worth it! These were delicious! I ate the whole bowl and then wished I had more even though I was full!

That breakfast kept me full for so long, it was great! I puttered around all morning cleaning & making my grocery list and then eventually grocery shopping. I got back at 1:30 and proceeded to have some lunch before it got even later! I had a piece of leftover Taco Turkey Meatloaf w/ some rice crackers. And since I finally have fresh fruit in the house I also had about a cup of gigantic red grapes and a mini kiwi. I swear, the kiwi was almost the same size as one of the grapes!

And right after this, even though I shouldn’t have because I wasn’t hungry, I had some tea and a cookie. My grandma used to get these cookies for me when I spent the summers with her as a kid.. so when I saw them in the store I had to get a box!

And for dinner I copied something I saw over at Biggest Diabetic Loser’s blog.  I bought some Won Ton wrappers at the store and stuffed them w/ some chopped garlic, shrimp, scallops and basil mixed in with ricotta. I then topped the mix with an herbed tomato sauce with even more ricotta mixed in. DELICIOUS.  I am stuffed, I had 11 dumplings or raviolis.. not quite sure what to call them!  I also made Hungry Girl’s baked onion rings which were also super good but too much for this meal!

Here’s the mix

My plate before the sauce

And the finished product. The onion rings? Well they weren’t all for me, lol! The bf and I shared those. And the beer was a berry cider, very tasty! It reminded me of Raspberry Schweppes which I used to drink A LOT back in the day!

Ok now I’m off to clean the kitchen! I made such a mess but it was well worth it!

I haven’t gotten any workout in today. I somehow hurt the top of my foot yesterday but I’m not sure how. Before bed I’m just going to do with 15 minutes of abs and call it a night. I’m setting my alarm for bright and early for tomorrow [as in 5am!] and I’m going to try to get in a workout before I would have to leave for work. Obviously tomorrow is Sunday but I think I’ll need the one day of practice, haha!



  1. haha that IS a pretty mini kiwi!! i don’t think i’ve ever had those cookies. i bet i would like them though =)

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