Posted by: limberkimbers | January 5, 2009

Ain’t no part like a Scranton Party!

I started off my morning reading my Office Quote from my new Page-A-Day calendar!

”]Getting up at 5am was surprisingly easy this morning, I guess I was actually more excited about going back to work than I realized!  Better Than Ezra’s ‘Good’ came on and I was up and ready to go!

Breakfast consisted of 1/4 cup of egg white microwaved and then put in a whole wheat English muffin with a Loling Cow cheese.  It was good. And filling so I can’t complain. I do miss real eggs though. I added a spoonfull of herbed tomato sauce to this though which really helped with the taste.

I didn’t feel like eating anything more but I knew I’d get hungry over the course of the morning. I sliced up a red grapefruit and stuck that in with my lunch. I snacked on grapefruit pieces all morning and it was delicious! My only complaint was that 2 people asked if I was on the grapefruit diet. W T F?

For lunch I was back to my old favorite of turkey sandwich and carrots. Here’s a photo from yesterday. Very exciting, I know 😀

I was still a bit hungry after lunch so I also snacked on a mini Lindt Dark chocolate bar.  By 3pm when it was time to leave my stomache was so empty I felt kind of dizzy, so I reached into my purse for my emergency Larabar. I knew I had to eat something in order to survive my planned workout when I got home. The Larabar was the Cinammon Roll Flavor and I LOVED IT.  I really liked how much cinammon was it!

I got home and ran/jogged for 30 minutes on the treadmill while watching the Season 1 finale of Dawson’s Creek! I started off on Level 4 but decided it wasn’t challenging enough a couple of minutes in and upped to level 5. That got my legs moving alright!  I still had about 12 minutes left in the episode so I jumped on the bike and did intervals for another 15 minutes. It was a great workout! And this is the first time I’ve watched something on the ipod while working out. I have to admit, it’s a nice change from music! I’ll probably do this more often to change the routine.

After all this I was crazy tired and decided I didn’t feel like making the stir fry I’d originally planned on. Frozen pizza to the rescue!

I had 2/6 of the pizza. It was ok for a frozen pizza but I still prefer the homemade kind.  [Who doesn’t though?!]

After dinner I fed my dogs.

And then I recreated last night’s dessert. Fat-free pudding cup & Skor pieces. This masterpiece is delicious but also WAY too sweet. As much as I’ll probably want this again tomorrow I’m going to have to stop eating it. It’s a totally bad habit to start! I don’t even need dessert for crying out loud!

Traffic is still really bad because of the strike and everyone going back to work. So that means that tomorrow we’re leaving at 5:15 which means I have to get up at 4:15 am. O M G. Luckily I’m pretty beat tonight so I think I’ll sleep well once my head hits the pillow! I’m going to go get lunch ready for tomorrow, watch an episode of something and then BED!

See you all tomorrow!



  1. mmm your egg sammie looks too good i want one now!

  2. haha love your doggie dinners!! do they eat the veggies?

  3. I love your Office calendar!!!!!!!

  4. @FollowMyWeigh – yup the dogs LOVE raw veggies! They’re what we give them as treats all the time. And we always give them a bit of fresh veggies with their food since we figure it must get SUPER boring eating the same food so we change it up.

  5. Love the Office!

    Great eats – although we know homemade pizza is best, yours doesn’t look to bad!

    Hope you were able to get up this morning!

  6. Thanks for sharing your calendar with me. LOL! My mom put me in Kindergarten early because I was so tall. I was still the tallest girl in class, but I was the only one who could drive for the first two years of High School =) Funny…lol!

  7. Oh geez, grapefruit diet? I pity the people that actually do that. That CANNOT be fun.

    I’m impressed that you feed your doggies well! My dad’s fam feeds their dogs canned wet crap and table scraps. Terrible.

    I’m also now considering going out to buy skor bits just so I can mix them into pudding. Brilliant idea.

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