Posted by: limberkimbers | January 5, 2009

Searching for signs of life but there’s nobody home

Sunday eats!

I’ve said it before but I apparently NEVER learn from my mistakes. EAT BREAKFAST. 

 I had planned to get up nice and early on Sunday but when the alarm went off at 5:30 I just stayed in bed.  I got an ipod alarm clock so I had it set to wake me up with my running playlist. So I slept through about an hour of tunes all the while DREAMING or working out.  FAIL.

By the time I dragged my lazy self out of bed it was almost 10am! I wasn’t hungry or  motivated to work out. So I did laundry. And watched episodes from the first season of Dawson’s Creek because I’m apparently reverting back to my highschool self!

So I skipped breakfast and it was the dumbest thing to do because starting right around dinner time I got so hungry I just wanted to eat EVERYTHING in the house. I did pretty good at stopping myself though.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

For lunch I made myself an egg white + asparagus+ mushroom + onion scramble.  I put that along with a Laughing Cow cheese, some salsa, basil and romaine lettuce into a wrap. This was really super tasty.  I actually found 2 full cartons of egg whites in the fridge that expire next week so I’ll be eating a whole lot of that in the coming week!

Clearly I need more practice in the ‘wrapping’ department!

I followed this up with a treat in the form of a cookie.

I did about fifty billion loads of laundry [ok it was really only 7 but they were huge!] which meant lots of running and up down many stairs. My claves kind of hurt today! But no actual running, biking or yoga which I’m kind of disappointed in myself for but whatever. I’ll get in a workout today so it will be all good.

Then I made dinner. I wanted to use the last of the turkey in the fridge so I decided to make my version of Chicken A La King.  I cooked up some onion, garlic, mushrooms and red pepper, added lots of white turley meat and some pepper. Mixed in a can of cream of mushroom and about a third of a cup of milk.  While I was doing this I was baking some toast in the oven, I took some whole wheat bread and pressed it down into a large muffin pan to create a kind of basket. I sprayed it with PAM and let it toast.

Here’s the final product served with some baby carrots. This was really good also. I could have eaten another portion of this but I opted not to.

I couldn’t resist having some dessert. Earlier in the afternoon in an attempt not to finish off the Tiramisu Ice Cream Log in the freezer, I THREW IT OUT.  I know I shouldn’t waste food but this thing was constantly calling out to me and I have no self control, there’s chocolate in that thing!  So in the garbage it went leaving me with no dessert 😦

After checking the cupboards I did find a fat-free jello cup and I mixed in a tablespoon [very much a heaping one!] of Skor pieces. This hit the spot, a success!

And that was all of yesterday’s food.  I’m currently sitting at my work desk right now.  I’ve been here 2 hours and haven’t made it through a quarter of my emails yet, I feel as if I was the only one on holidays and everyone else worked

Anyways, I’ll be back this evening with today’s eats.



  1. haha, kind of funny you were dreaming of working out =P. good call on throwing out the tiramisu – it just makes it easier sometimes!

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