Posted by: limberkimbers | January 7, 2009

Carry on my wayward son

My internet at home has been super wonky since yesterday morning which explains why there was no post yesterday.  I would have done it from work except that my pictures were already downloaded to my computer and I just didn’t have time to find my flash drive.


Quick review of my Tuesday eats. Pictures only.

I’m just realizing at this very moment that I forgot to add the sprouts I’d bought to my stir fry. Oh well.

So yesterday at work was kind of CRAZY.  My coworkers decided to start up a friendly Biggest Loser: Office Edition contest! And there’s A LOT of interest in it so it should be fun.

It starts on Monday and will go on until May so it will be 16 weeks total. There’s a $5 fee to enter. Weigh-ins and measurements are to be done every 2 weeks. If there’s no loss then $1 has to be paid, if there’s a gain the penalty is $2. We keep track of everything in a spreadsheet and based on the person who’s dropped the most weight/inches in relation to to their size wins all of the money that was collected.  It’s just a friendly competition but it has got A LOT of people motivated, including yours truly 😀

I’ve always viewed myself as being much bigger than I am. But sometimes people make comments that kind of make me stop and realize that maybe I’m not as big as I think.  Like today when we were in a group discussing this and one of my coworkers said of me “well she’s certainly not going to win” which I took as a positive thing. In my head I always think that people look at me as being overweight, but most of them don’t.  That was an interesting revelation.

So anyways, up until Friday we’re collecting money and taking measurements so that we’re ready to start on Monday.  Plans have been made to go on 5K walks over lunch and walk up and down the 12 flights of stairs before work.  I’m looking forward to this so much!

So that brings us to today.

For breakfast I had the same old English muffin, egg white, cheese & tomato sauce.  I’m done 1 carton of egg whites but there’s still 1 to go.

No picture of lunch but it was YUMMY! I had a piece of toast w/ a laughing cow cheese and some tuna mixed with creamy dill and feta dressing. YUMMMMMM. With that I had a serving of carrots, a few pecans and almonds and a cheese string.  I also had half of a mini Lindt Dark chocolate bar.

Dinner was Oat and Flax crusted Tilpia which is seriously my new favorite.  I also had some steamed carrots and brown rice.  That oat and flax breading is so good though. YUM. Instead of the carrots I was supposed to have asparagus but the bunch I bought this weekend had gone bad 😦 I was majorly bummed about that because I LOVE asparagus.


I have been good and worked out these last 2 days despite being DEAD TIRED when I got home.  I hate getting up at 4:30!

Yesterday I did 30 minutes of running/jogging intervals and then 15 minutes of intervals on the bike. 15 minutes of various crunches and another 22 minutes of yoga.

Today I only did 30 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes of abs.  I took it kind of easy since I don’t want to overdo it.

Despite the getting up early and the superlong days this week is going by really fast and I am super greatful for that.  I’m also greatful that my Amazon order came in yesterday! I got ‘The Omnivore’s Dilema’ and ‘In Defense of Food’ both by Michael Pollan. I’m excited about reading them both, I think I’ll start ‘Omnivore’s Dilema tonight!

And I’ll leave you with today’s Office quote from my calendar. It actually made me laugh because I see oats EVERYWHERE in blog land! Hopefully it’ll bring a smile to your face too 😀



  1. your stirfry looks amazing!!!
    that mustve felt nice to hear that comment from your co-worker. i think i see myself bigger than others see me too. sigh we are our own worst critics!!

  2. Oh my gosh…Oat and Flax crusted Tilapia?! That’s an incredible idea! I never would have thought of that, but I am absolutely going to try it now 🙂 Love the Office quote, too!

  3. @eatingbender I can’t take credit for the oat & flax idea, I got the recipe from Roni @ Green Lite Bites!

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