Posted by: limberkimbers | January 8, 2009

Shes touring the facility and picking up slack

I’m so relieved that there’s only one more work day left! This first week back has been really exhausting.  It doesn’t help that I work in accounting and our fiscal year end is right around the corner. Or that I’m currently working in 2 different positions!  The days do go by super quick though so I can’t complain!

I had my weigh-in & measurements taken as well as my ‘before’ pic for our work’s Biggest Loser competition. That was fun!  What was kind of weird was when I got weighed the woman who’s doing the tracking of all our stats said “man, your current weight is my goal weight..” and I was like “really?!!”  My weight was up by 0.5lbs but that might be because it was on a different scale?  My waist measurements are down a bit also.

Anyways. Time for the eats.

Breakfast was the usual.

For a snack I ate 3/4 of a red grapefruit and a SUPER DELICIOUS BAR! I randomly picked up this bar at the grocery store before Christmas and promptly forgot about it. Oops!

It’s by H&A Energy Bars Inc which seems like it’s from my own home town. This particular bar is the ‘Seed Bar’ and its ingredients are: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, honey, orange blossom water and lemon juice. The whole bar is 50g and has 239 calories, 16g of fat 2 of which are from saturated fats.  This bar? REALLY SUPER HELLA FREAKIN’ TASTY.  And obviously filling since it’s a whole bunch of seeds!  The pumpkin seeds stand out the most but I think that’s because those seeds have the strongest falvor anyway. The bar is just perfect in that it’s not hard at all but also not so soft that it falls apart when you eat it. It’s just perfect!  And best of all it only cost something ridiculous like $1.25.  I wish I could find more info about this company online though. I do know for sure that this weekend I’m going back to the grocery store where I bought it and picking up a bunch more!

Anyways, I was so busy at work I neglected to take a picture of my lunch. I did snap a pic before throwing everything in my bag this morning though. [the yellow bar is the above mentioned bar of tasty goodness].

I had the exact same thing as yesterday, a piece of bread toasted w/ some laughing cow cheese and a tuna & dill/feta dressing concoction on top. I think I could probably eat that every day for a few weeks before I get bored of it! I also had a cheese string, carrots and some pecans/almonds.  Mid-afternoon I snacked on another mini dark chocolate bar.  I need to go back to bringing only a piece of the bar and not the whole thing though. I’m just eating the chocolate while distracted so it’s worthless calories as far as I’m concerned.

After work was a trip to my favorite place, ever! [ok maybe not ever but I do look forward to my weekly Costco trips!]  I hadn’t been since before Christmas so I was due!

I got the new issue of Best Health Magazine, spinach, Kashi Probiotic, romaine, whole wheat spaghetti, blackberries, blueberries, carrots, tortillas [mostly for the bf], and some over roasted turkey for lunches.  Unpictured I also picked up some dog food, Brita filters and bread & english muffins for the bf.

I’m most excited about the Kashi cereal! I’ve never seen this kind before, maybe because it’s ‘New’ as the box indicates? lol.  As an added bonus it was on sale, so it’s a win-win!

I had to have some of the blueberries and blackberries as a snack after I had put everything away.

The boyfriend decided he wanted to cook for dinner. It was strange because he NEVER cooks.  EVER.  He made what he calls ‘Pesto’. Basically he cooks up some whole wheat spag, thaws a package of frozen spinach and throws it in a frying pan with 3-4 cloves of garlic & olive oil. After a couple of minutes he adds sunflower seeds, the pasta once it’s cooked and then fresh chopped basil at the last moment.  I wanted him to throw in either some tofu or chicken but he refused.

I added a tablespoon of parmesan and a wedge of laughing cow to my bow. YUM!   I also went back for 2 more bites from the pan!

I know I said I would not drink except for the weekends, but I decided that since I was home late tonight from my errand-running I would not work out. Since I wasn’t working out I decided to make today the day that I’ll drink a beer and just skip the weekend.  I tried out this ‘all natural’ beer from a local brewery.

I’m not a beer expert by any means. All I know is that I enjoyed this. I only drank about half of my glass though because it is COLD today and I wanted to drink tea instead!  The boyfriend finished my glass for me and had no complaints.

And that bring us to now. It’s currently 7:15 and I am fighting with my eyelids to keep them open!  I’m going to try to tough it until 9 and then hit the sack.



  1. The bf made dinner? Haha what a treat! I’m loving the addition of Laughing Cow.

    This post made me a bit sad though because I haven’t been to Costco in I can’t even REMEMBER how long, and I’m extremely bummed about it. I think I need to just get a membership but our closest one is about 15 minutes away so it’s not the most convenient thing ever. Although maybe that would be best anyway, then I’d only go once in a while instead of going all the time and blowing every spare dime I have, as one could easily do there haha

  2. I love the eats! and hate to hear your jelouse of TJ’s but it is kinda my heaven. I haven’t seem Probitotic Kashi here but I am intrigued!

  3. the bf’s dish looks yum!!!
    you’re so lucky that your work day goes by fast. mine is slloooow. i’m so happy tomorrow is friday too though woohoo!

  4. I’ve never seen your bar or that Kashi cereal before. Both look insanely delicious!! I’ll be keeping my eye out 😉

  5. The “pesto” sound healthy and simply, and i already have all the ingredients. Now i know what were having for dinner tonight. Thanks.

    Pulled two allnighters with sick baby. He went to bed at 9am this morning =] But the toddler had just woken up. Totally understanding the “fighting with my eyelids to keep them open” =)

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