Posted by: limberkimbers | January 9, 2009

But it`s filled with love that`s grown in southern ground


Breakfast at 4:45 was the usual, again! I promise tomorrow’s will be different 😀

I snapped a quick pic of all the food I was brining to work with me today before leaving.

I brought some of my new Kashi Probiotic cereal, a square of dark chocolate, a piece of multi whole grain bread to toast and add my tuna mixture to, carrots, some nuts, a cheese string, a loling cow and a fruit cup which consisted of blueberries, blackberries and 2 of the tiny kiwis I bought last weekend.

These kiwis are so cute!

So anyways, let’s talk about this Kashi cereal for a moment, shall we? OMG DELISH.

I was a bit worried when I first opened the bag inside the box because the smell was REALLY sweet.  I shouldn’t have worried though, the sweetness comes mostly from the probiotic chips, they almost taste like white chocolate pieces.  And the graham sticks? Love them, I love anything graham so I’m all for that.  At around 9am I had breakfast #2 which was a serving of the cereal with a quarter cup of skim milk and a quarter cup of fresh blueberries. LOVE LOVE LOVE.  This, though an excellent breakfast, would also make a great dessert because of the sweetness. But again, it’s sweet but not TOO sweet so that’s a major bonus.

I squeezed in a workout despite being extra tired when I got home. I did 30 minutes of walking/jogging on the treadmill and another 14 minutes on the bike on the ‘Strength’ program. The bike was kind of blah because compared to what I usually do this didn’t feel like a workout.  I also did 15 minutes of various ab exercises before calling it a day.

And then there was dinner. I bought chicken flavored veggie burgers [Yves brand] last weekend and decided that since I wasn’t much in a mood to cook dinner they would do.

They were super tasty!  My burger consisted of a loling cow cheese, fresh avocado, red onion, spinach, tomato, ketchup and spicy mustard.  I also made a salad on the side which was pretty basic, romaine, red onion, avocado, tomato, almonds, flax seeds and topped with some creamy dill dressing.  It was a terrific dinner. I feel full but not stuffed. 

Ever since reading ‘Mindless Eating’ I’ve been trying to follow the 80% full rule which I’ve been pretty successful at. The only times I’m not are when I’m not just eating, like at work when I’m catching up on my blog reading or if i’m watching tv while eating which I try not to do as much anymore.

I think I’m going to call it a night. I’m gonna go curl up on the couch with some tea and watch last night’s Grey’s Anatomy. I LOVE this age of PVR.



  1. that IS a super cute kiwi =P

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