Posted by: limberkimbers | January 10, 2009

I was riding shotgun with my hair undone in the front seat of his car

I had set my alarm early-ish today so I could get in a decent workout before going out for the day car-shopping with my mom.  I had it set for 7:15 but only got up at 8:45, I was still pretty tired when the alarm went off and I decided that my body probably needed to rest more than anything.

When I eventually dragged myself out of bed I was kind of hungry so I had a quick bite before getting on the treadmill.

I haven’t had plain old toast + ab&j in ages it feels like. This hit the spot and didn’t leave my super hungry before my workout.

I got in a painful 30 minutes of walking/jogging on the treadmill at varying inclines. It was painful in the sense that I was still pretty tired and not super motivated to workout. I pushed through though and finished.  Afterwards I decided I was going to go do some yoga since it’s been a few days since the last time. Unfortunately, during my warmup my mom called and said she’d pick me up in half an hour. I had to shut off the tv, feed the dogs, feed myself and then shower and get ready.  I had some of my new awesome Kashi Probiotic cereal topped with some blackberries, blueberries and skim milk.

After this I was out the door and on my way to Tim Hortons for a tea! I always get their Chai tea, it’s my favorite one they have there. Well, other than the pumpkin spice on they had around fall.  My mom and I went to the car dealership, and ended up walking out with a car.  So that was exciting for my mom, not so much me since I don’t live at home and this doesn’t really change anything in my life.

Moving on. Buying a car takes FOREVER so by the time we were done it was 1:30! We drove around looking for somewhere to eat and we settled on a Schawarma place. I LOVE schwarma but don’t have it too often. We ended up splitting a plate of chicken which also had some rice, garlic sauce, hummus, pickles, pickled turnips, salad, tomato and onion. On the side there was a pita and the guy at the counter gave us a Baklava to share.  I wish I would have remembered to bring my camera, this meal was so good!  We left most of the rice and pita since they were both white, but all the veggies got eaten as well as the chicken. And of course we split the baklava!  One thing I should note, I have tried hummus a few times before and didn’t like it, the texture always bothered me. Today I actually liked it! I’m v. excited about this development 😀

Afterwards we went to Costco.  I always get excited when we go to this Costco because it’s completly across town and carries completely different stuff than the one near my house. 

I found Clif Bars at Costco!! I’ve been looking all over for them in this city!  This box has 18 bars and cost $18. Good deal! I also bought a big thing of epsom salts for $6 and another box of the Kashi cereal since it’s on sale for $6. Included in the picture there’s also some sweet potatoes, veggie burgers, a mango, brocoli and some more H&A Natural Bars all of which I picked up at the grocery store.

At Costco I also got a book and a magazine.

I`m kind of a-d-d today, I apologize!  Here`s a picture of all the H&A bars I got. I can`t wait to try them all out since the Seed Bar was so fantastic!

And finally, at the grocery store I also bought Dulse which I`d never heard of but it piqued my interest.

One of these days when I`m feeling adventurous I`ll have to break open this package and give it a try.

OH! I`m having another a-d-d moment. When I was at Costco they had some jeans on sale. They`re Jones NY brand and I decided that I was going to buy a size 12 [I’m regularly a 14] and they were going to be my short term goal jeans. I tried them on when I got home and the jeans totally FIT!  My size 14 pants are all loose at the waist and I’ve lost some weight & inches, but I didn’t realize that I was already down to a 12! So that was a small victory of mine today which made me happy!

And finally onto dinner which was venison. Sort of. My dad is a hunter and every year for the last few years he goes hunting and if he gets a deer I get to have it. I personally am not a fan of hunting, it’s always bothered me but at the same time I’m not a vegetarian either. I’m an occasional red meat eater. The way I see it is this, about 90% of the red meat I’ll eat in a year is venison which my dad has hunted. In my eyes I know that this is a wild animal and that it wasn’t tortured or raised to be killed, if that even makes sense? I don’t particularly like buying grocery store meat because of all the horror stories you read about.

Anyways, this is the last of last year’s buck. This year’s hasn’t come in yet.  This is a venison & porc sausage. I have never been a fan of sausages like those they sell in the grocery store but these I do like. Maybe it’s because I know how they’re made and by whom, I don’t know. I also had a sweet potato and some roasted brocoli. It was good though way too much food. I ate 2/3 of the sausage and then only 1/2 the potato. I ate ALL of the brocolu though. YUM.



  1. yeah for going down a size!! i love that! 😀

  2. Those blackberries look amazing! We belong to Sam’s Club, I have never been to Costco before – I imagine they are similar?

  3. The blackberries are SUPER tasty! And I love that they’re so inexpensive.

    If I’m not mistaken Sam’s Club and Costco are pretty much the same thing, they’re eachother’s competition. We don’t actually have Sam’s around here though so I’m not 100% sure.

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