Posted by: limberkimbers | January 12, 2009

I wonder if sometimes I cross your mind

Happy Monday! [Ok, not really but I’m  trying to be positive.. at least it’s almost over!]

So in an effort to get over my whole ‘oats are for weekend breakfast’ mentality, I had oats this morning!  I mixed in some frozen blueberries [why I did this when I have fresh ones I’m not sure.. I think I like the little bite of cold..] some maple syrup, maple sugar and some dark chocolate chips.  YUM!  I’m going to have this again tomorrow but minus the chocolate, it’s a bit much.. and that’s saying a lot because I LOVE chocolate!

This oatmeal kept me full from 5am-ish until NOON! I was amazed! Sure there were a few instances where I started feeling hungry, but I just had some tea and was fine. YAY! 

I had taken a picture of my lunch yesterday before packing it up which is good since once again I forgot my camera at home!

 I didn’t end up eating the cereal though since the oatmeal was so awesome! I had also brought a cup of blue & blackeberris but they went untouched also.  I ate the sandwich, carrots, cheese string and nuts and mid afternoon I ate the Graham cracker & dark chocolate piece.

When I got home I was a bit hungry but felt I should eat something since I was about to get on the treadmill. I had some of my new Edamame Hummus and some carrots.

On the treadmill I did 30 minutes of running/jogging intervals which kind of sucked. My knee has been bugging me and I think that’s what’s ruining that workout for me.  Afterwards I still had 15 minutes of a Dawson’s Creek ep left so I jumped on the bike and did some more intervals there.  And then I did about 15 minutes of various ab exercises.

Dinner was simple. I was originally going to cook up a frozen pizza.. but then I decided to not be lazy and I thawed some Naans and made my own. I started with 1 laughing cow wedge spread on the bottom, topped that with some tomato sauce, cheddar, basil, spinach, green pepper and onion. Totally uninspired but still totally did the job.  While this was cooking I was STARVING and ready to eat pretty much anything in sight.. so I made sure I had lots of baby carrots nearby so as to not eat lots of mindless calories and such.



  1. ooh that naan “pizza” looks excellent! i was lazy today and had frozen pizza =)

  2. I’ve just recently seen those Naan breads in my grocery strores refrigerator section – I’ll have to give them a try!

  3. Thanks for the comment! Your pizza looks SUPER good! And I’m loving your oat combo 🙂

  4. Edamame hummus … delicious!

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