Posted by: limberkimbers | January 13, 2009

Know when to walk away and know when to run

Today feels like a Thursday which is not a good sign!

Breakfast was an egg, English muffin & cheese sandwich and a blood orange which I ate at 4:45.  My pot for oatmeal was in the dishwasher and I also remembered the blueberries and blackberries in the work fridge that needed to be eaten.

At 10ish am I started to get hungry so I had my serving of Kashi Probiotic w/ a whole cup full of blue & blackberries and some skim milk. YUM!

I had lunch at around noon and that consisted of a turkey, spinach, basil, loling cow, onion and cucumber sandwich. I also had a cheese string, some carrots and some edamame hummus.  I was also craving something sweet and since I forgot my 1 piece of dark chocolate I ended up eating a whole dark chocolate mini bar that was in my desk 😦  I have a whole case of these bars at home and I’m not tempted by them whatsoever.. there’s just something about having the bars in my desk that weakens me apparently!

Just before leaving for home at 3 I ate one of my nut bars. I tried the cashew one and it was just as delicious as the seed bar. The boyfriend tried the seed one today and also really liked it. My bf pretty much hates everything so that says a lot!

When I got home I decided to take a break for the treadmill & bike. I popped in Jillian’s 30 Day Shred and did level 1 which just about did me in!  After that I took a break and went and prepped dinner and stuck it in the over to cook while I did another dvd. This time I did Winsor pilates for 20 minutes. Again, this vid just about did me in! I did it 2 days ago and my muscles weren’t recovered yet!

After a shower dinner was ready! And it sucked 😦 Ok, it didn’t suck but it also wasn’t a success which sucked.

This is what it was supposed to look like:

And this is what my serving looked like. Way too soupy!

Don’t get me wrong, it was delish! This meal has onions, garlic, eggplant, ground turkey, tomato sauce, potatoes, and then a sauce which has both feta & cottage cheese among other things. Obviously I didn’t follow the recipe properly but it’s all good!  There’s lots of this left over so I’m going to freeze half and then use the other half as a pasta sauce for another dinner sometime this week. I found this recipe in the current issue of the Weight Watcher’s magazine.

I’m going to sign off now because WordPress is making my life difficult right now for some reason. The pictures just won’t work and I have pretty much no patience left! Anyone else having problems with posting pictures?



  1. Your breakfast looks so pretty! 🙂
    Sorry dinner was a bit soupy but as long as it tasted great, who cares what it looks like!

  2. It may not look quite like the picture, but actually it looks (and sounds) very good! I’m hungry so seeing all this food people post is kiiilling me. 🙂

    I was curious about Jillian’s DVDs. Jillian Michaels from Biggest Loser? How are they?

  3. I know what you mean about people’s food posts! I have to be careful when I read other blogs otherwise I just want to eat everything and anything! haha!

    Yup it’s Jillian Michaels from BL. The 30 day shred is ridiculous in a good way! It’s 20 minutes and after a warmup you do 3 minutes of strength training, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs and you do that 3x. And there’s 3 levels so when the first gets too easy you can move up for more of a challenge. I found it HARD! lol If you’re interested in getting the dvd I just saw it at Costco paired up with Bob Harper’s bootcamp dvd & yoga dvd for $20 so it’s a good deal!

  4. That’s too bad about the dinner not quite working out right but when does a recipe ever really look like in the magazine, right? at least it tasted great! It sure sounds like one worth trying too, especially with feta and cottage cheese. WHOA.

  5. haha! your first sentence made me laugh. nope, not a good sign 🙂
    your dinner still looks super yummy!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wish you could teach me how to get up so early. I’ve come to terms with the fact that so many recipes, even if you do them perfectly, don’t come out looking exactly like a magazine photograph. That’s why I am always envious of bloggers who make their food look just like the magazine. I can never seem to get the lighting right, or stop myself from having a bite when I am supposed to be doing a “photo shoot.”

  7. mmmm blood oranges! I adore them! I need to get some work out video’s, I have ondemand on fitness tv but they are soo short I find. Which ones would you recommend?

  8. So, sorry you turkey potato dinner turned out so soupy. I’ve had those dark chocolate days. It’s something to do with my emotions more than hunger (in my case).

  9. […] was some of the leftover turkey-potato bake from a couple of nights ago. This time I served it over some whole wheat pasta. This dish is AMAZING reheated and used as a […]

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