Posted by: limberkimbers | January 14, 2009

If you had the real thing how would you tell

Hi!  I’m apparently in a super good mood today despite being awake since the middle of the night. AKA 4:30am. The transit strike is still on, day 36 and counting. And I just found out that I can’t leave work on Friday until 5pm! I get to work at 6am so that means an 11 hour work day. Um, hopefully I can get out of that.

The San Diego trip is about 90% confirmed much to my bfs protest. He doesn’t think it’s fair that I get to go on vacation while he has to stay home and take care of the dogs.  I’m not passing up a free trip to San Diego to hang with my mom!  The only thing that would ruin my going is work. Our fiscal year end is March 31st so me taking out at the beggining of the last month isn’t something they want me doing.. at the same time they can’t really deny me time off. We’ll see, I’m pretty sure they’ll say yes!

Anyways, eats this morning sucked. It was oats again with maple syrup, maple sugar and about a million blueberries. I tipped the bag over to pour some into the bowl and too many went in which ruined the oats for me. I ate about half and binned the rest.

 I got hungry mid-morning so I had another nut bar. This time I tried almond and it was just as delicious as the others.

And I had another snack just before noon, a blood orange. Lunch was delayed because of a ‘Stair Club’ Meeting.   A coworker and I decided that during our lunch break we were going to walk up 1 flight of stairs, cross to the other tower and go up another flight. The plan was to do this for all 11 flights of the building and then run straight back down.  He and I got changed into our gym attire at noon and at the last minute our boss decided to join us.  She made it up 6 flights but then had to bail because of her asthma. The coworker and I made it all the way through and were still feeling pretty good so we went for round two! After round two? We still felt pretty good so we decided to race all the way to the top and all the way back down. I was only able to make it to 7 before having to quit. He went all the way to 11 though!  When we got back down there was about 4 or 5 other people who are also participating in our work’s Biggest Loser competition that wanted to join in!  We’re taking tomorrow off as a rest day and then Friday at noon we’ll have another go at it.

After drinking lots of water I toasted a piece of bread and spread some laughing cow cheese on it and added 2 slices of turkey breast deli meat. I also had some carrots and hummus and a cheese string.  I had also brought some soup but I was super hot from the workout already and also I wasn’t really hungry!

I had planned to run on the treadmill when I got home but my legs were SORE! So I decided to do some yoga. I put on one of my pvr’d Namaste episodes and got stuck with the Crane series! lol I was hoping for something easyish and this certainly wasn’t!  It still felt fantastic to stretch though so i’m glad I did it. I also did about 15 minutes of various ab exercises.

For dinner I had planned salmon ‘en papillotte’ but I kind of screwed it up. Instead of sticking the parchment paper package directly on the grill in the oven I put it on one of my Pampered Chef cooking stones. That seemed to lenthen the cooking time by A LOT 😦  I juliened a couple of leeks and some carrots to make a veggie bed for the salmon, I topped them with some fennel seeds and then the salmon. After about 25 minutes the salmon was still a bit raw in the middle so I finished it off on the stove-top.  I also made some brown rice and a ‘salad’. I was missing many compenents for it which I only realized last minute so really it’s only canned corn, half an avocado, lime juice & cumin,. Everything tasted delicious though so I’m happy.  I informed the bf that my goal was to eat fish at least 2x/week, he didn’t respond positively to this but I’m up for the challenge!

Sorry this is such a rambly post. I apparently am a chatterbox today!  Tomorrow I’ll try to remember to bring my camera to work and take lunch food pics. I need to get over my hangups about using my camera in public.   

Hopefully everyone’s staying nice and work tonight, I don’t know how far this cold weather has spread out but it’s not pleasant at all!  I’m going to go soak in a boiling hot epsom salt bath to help my poor ahcey muscles and also to warm up. It’s win-win 😀

See you tomorrow! Thursday! That means The Office should be on! Yay!



  1. I try so hard to like salmon, and I just don’t. I don’t know what it is. I love most other fish, so maybe it’s ok, but I WANT to like salmon too.

    A free trip to San Diego probably should never be passed up!

    Your lunch sounds good. Love laughing cow cheese. 🙂

  2. i wouldn’t pass up a free trip to SD either!!! hope it works out 🙂
    the cold weather has definitley spread here! apparently its just gonna get worse :T

  3. Definitely don’t pass up on the trip. Any occassion for a trip should be followed through with undoubtably!

    Love the idea of a ‘Stair Club Meeting’. Now that’s hardcore. I used to run up and down my stairs all the time. Now that you mention it, I kind of miss it! I might have to have a stair running reunion tomorrow 😉

  4. Sorry about your oats… I hate when that happens! Your trip sounds great, though… I’ve always wanted to go to San Diego.

  5. hey girl thanks for checkin out my blog! 4.30am poor thing, i hate waking in the middle of the night. brekkie looks great to me, my motto ‘the more blueberries the merrier!’
    Anyway hope you have a great day!

  6. 4:30 am! Man, you are a trooper!

    What a great idea with the ‘stair club’!

  7. That’ why I love blogging. I can get all my ramblings out and clear my head. Those stairs sound awesome. It’s cool that your work has such an pro-”active” environment.

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