Posted by: limberkimbers | January 18, 2009

Blame it on the satellite that beams me home

This weekend is over and yet it doesn’t feel like it’s even started yet!  Starting tomorrow I’m pulling out my planner and getting myself organized, cause while I did do a lot this weekend I still managed to only knock a few things off my to-do list. I need to find a way to manage my time more effectively. I’m a pro at it at work, I’m not sure why it’s so difficult in my personal life!

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early at 8am – which was super hard after going to bed at midnight. I was being picked up in 30 minutes so I didn’t have time to eat much. I ate a small bowl of Kashi Probiotic with some blueberries. I wasn’t really hungry so this worked.

The reason I was getting picked up is because I had to accompany my mother to the car dealership to pick up her new car! Super exciting! And it made me want to get myself a new car! But that’s totally not in the budget so I’ll just live vicariously through her purchase. Her and my dad decided that this is probably going to be one of the last cars they buy so they spoiled themselves, they got the Ford Escape Ltd and took the fully loaded package. My favorite part of the car is the heated leather seats!

After picking up the car we had to go and find some gifts for my cousins who’s birthdays are coming up. They’re 3 & 5 year old boys so that’s always a fun age to shop for.  After walking twice around the mall we went to the food court for some food. We both got the Garden Veggie platter from Manchu Wok which consisted of veggie fried rice, noodles and like 2 pieces of brocoli. Disappointing but w/e.

Dinner ended up being a last minute thing thrown together because I got home late from doing groceries.  I marinated some chicken breast in Wicked Gourmet’s Honey Garlic sauce. I also cut up some butternut squash and brussel sprouts and I cooked up a box of Annie’s whole wheat shells & cheddar which I found for the first time ever at the store!  I added a bit more of the marinade on top of the squash and it made them taste EXACTLY like the baked beans my gran used to make when I was a kid! 

I also had my first drink in about 10 days and it was this fab beer. I drank about 2/3 of the bottle and the bf finished the rest. This is leftover from my pre-xmas beer purchases! I actually still have 2 other beers left too so I’m doing quite well with the cutting back on alcohol!

Sadly there was no working out on Saturday due to lack of time.  I did do a whole lot of walking though so while it’s no replacement for a workout, at least it’s something.

This morning, Sunday I woke up on my own at around 8am again but I was NOT HUNGRY. I fought with myself for a good half hour over what to eat and I ultimately decided on some oats. I made them with some cut up pieces of Red Delicious, cinnamon, nutmeg and some maple syrup. These were TASTY!

I finally managed to get in my first real workout after not doing anything for 3 days!  I did 30 minutes of jogging/walking intervals on the treadmill and then another 15 minutes on the bike.

After the workout I was starting to get hungry so I nuked a sweet potato in the micro and prepared an omelette. The omelette has some red pepper, brussel sprouts, spinach, onion, mushroom and cheese. My sweet potato is topped with blended cottage cheese.

I spent the afernoon cleaning which is always a good time. I must have done about 6 loads of laungry, vacuumed 3 seperate floors, 2 staircases, cleaned the bathroom, kitchen and that’s about it – there’s still so much more to do though! I need a maid 😀

Last night the bf mentioned that it would be good if I made spinach lasagna again one of these days.. the one I used to make took me HOURS and I had no interest in making it so I perused Cooking Light and found a recipe for this Garden Style Lasagna, and that’s what I made for dinner tonight. I used whole wheat fresh lasagna sheets instead of the dry stuff but other than that I pretty much followed the recipe to the T. It was good, and made lots of we’ll likely be having this another night this week for dinner too!

It was SUPER cheesy which is always awesome!

But now I am super full from eating that lasagna so I’m going to go make myself useful and go put away some laundry.

Before I do though, I wanted to share this site that I discovered thanks for Self Magazine – Me and Goji. It’s a place where you can design your own cereal! They have a bunch of  organic ingrediets and they mix the ones you choose. As you add ingredients to your bowl it gives you the nutritional content of your mix!  I’m definitely placing an order with them tomorrow probably for a few different mixes, one of which will for sure have dark chocolate covered goji berries! Check them out! And if you do order they have a promo for the month of January, enter ‘Bowtie‘ to save 10% on your order!



  1. Wow, super tasty eats! So cool how you were able to replicate the taste of what your gran made too!

  2. That Annie’s wholewheat mac&cheese is seriously hard to find! I grabbed the last two boxes of the shelf at my store because I hardly see them, either. Lovely pairing with the chicken and veggies 🙂

  3. The spinach lasagna looks amazing. I love the custom pasta. My budget is still getting use to whole grain pasta, and lots more fresh veggies. Eventually i may even make my own pasta. it’s suppose to be pretty easy and much more delicious fresh =)

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