Posted by: limberkimbers | January 19, 2009

You’re the one who’s warm and cosy around me

The part I hate the most about Mondays, besides waking up is how many people ask me how my weekend was.  The first couple of times is fine but when we’re getting up to like, 10 it’s a bit ridic!  But I shouldn’t complain because if that’s the worse thing I can come up with that happened today, life must be pretty good 😀

I started off my morning with a pretty BIG breakfast. I had a bowl of Kashi probiotic with some blueberries, a piece of toast w. ab&j and 1 banana sliced with some ab. I haven’t had a banana for breakfast in ages so this was kind of awesome. Also, were you aware that by splitting the bananas out of the bunch they don’t ripen as fast? Someone told me this today when I mentioned that my bananas always ripen way too fast, I’m going to try it and see it if it works!

Look at how gigantic this banana was, normally the ones we have in the stores are half this size!

At lunch it was finally time for another session of ‘The Stair Club’ which was awesome. I’m lucky that the 1 person who actually commits to something and actually follows through was there. Everyone else says they’ll do it but come noon they always bail. Anyways, we did 3x the 11 flights in 35 minutes. Last time we only did it 2x and then tried 1x running straight up. It was a good workout, really got the heart going! And we made plans to start walking a 5k a couple of times a week when the weather gets nicer!

After the stairs I heated up a small piece of leftover lasagna and had that along with some carrots and edamame hummus.  I wasn’t really hungry but I figured I should eat.  About an hour later I also snacked on a piece of dark chocolate and a graham cracker.

When I got home from work I did 30 minutes of pilates, 30 minutes of yoga and another 10 minutes of abs.  The yoga was my favorite though, I really needed to stretch and I got that accomplished during that half hour.

Dinner was supposed to be fish but since it wasn’t quite thawed I made faux-burgers instead which turned out great. I had a chicken flavored one served on a thintin, on it I had 1 laughing cow wedge, 1 tsp of light mayo, roasted red pepper, onion, spinach and basil, cucumber and lots and lots of cracked black pepper. It was delish! I had the burger with a side of raw carrots.

And I couldn’t resist eating something sweet so right now I’m drinking an English toffee and I have 1 chocolate covered cinnamon cookie & 2 dark chocolate covered wafer cookies. YUM!

And now I’m off to study for an hour until The Big Bang Theory & How I Met Your Mother come on and then BED! I save my blog reading for the extra hour I’m at work! I like to start off my day reading.

eta – Angela over at Oh She Glows is having yet another giveaway contest! Actually, there’s two! There’s an Honest Foods giveaway for everyone outside of Canada, and for everyone within Canada it’s a Neal Brothers Giveaway! Check it out if you haven’t already!



  1. Oh my goodness, such tasty eats! I love your cereal bowl, and topped with blueberries – delicious! I need to remember to get berries now. LOL

    Great eats, and I love The Big Bang Theory!!! It’s hiliarious!!!!!

  2. THAT is my kind of breakfast. I love a good huge breakfast that incorporates a bunch of different parts. Especially when it involves cereal. And banana. AND pb? YUM

    And that banana IS huge, holy moly!

  3. holy big banana! I usually cut my costco extra large bananas in half, the ends get a bit brown but I just cut that off too! I love your stair sessions at work, that is a great way to keep moving throughout the day and inspire others to do the same, you rock!

  4. HUGE banana! I feel like mine are always tiny!!

    Yummy eats!

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