Posted by: limberkimbers | January 21, 2009

A drive-by posting before and early bedtime.

I was planning on satying up tonight to watch the premiere of Lost.. but I’ve been super tired all day and I also found out that the premiere is two hours! So instead I’m planning on getting up to bed EARLY tonight.  If I can actually fall asleep it will be nice for a change to actually get 8 hours of sleep!

I have had one of those days where all I want to do is EAT!

I started off eating a bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch w. some blueberries, 2 pieces of multi whole grain toast w. ab&j

At 9 I was starving again so I ate a Clif Bar. At 11 I was hungry again so I had a cheese string and some almonds & pecans. I was hungry AGAIN at 11:45 so I ate an apple.

At noon the stair club met up. There was 6 of us today! We tripled in numbers!  Ultimately what ended up happening is the 3 of us who already regularly exercise went faster and the people who are just starting out went much slower so we split up in 2 seperate groups which worked out well. And all along the way on the other floors we kept passing people who would comment that they wanted to join us! We’d tell them where and when but it’s doubtful any of them will show up on Friday 😀

By the time I was done the stairs I wasn’t really hungry anymore. Either from the exercise or stuffing my face all morning. Or both. Lunch was a micro nuked sweet potato with some blended cottage cheese and pepper and a small handful of carrots and edamame hummus.

I got home pretty late today because of the traffic. All I felt like doing was watching tv so I decided to catch up on Monday’s ep of House while dinner reheated in the over. Since I didn’t feel like cooking and I still had half a veggie lasagna in the fridge I didn’t give it much though.  With the lasagna I made a piece of garlic toast, I spread 1 laughing cow wedge and then sprinkled some garlic seasoning over it and stuck it in the over for about 4 minutes.

To cap off my day of eating a lot I decided to make dessert.

I mixed 1 fat-free pudding cup with a spoonful of light cool whip and a tsp of skor pieces and dumped it all in a cone. That + English toffee tea and I’m happy 😀  The sugar might keep me awake for a bit longer though.. I didn’t think about that, lol!

Tomorrow I have to go to Costco to return my box of Clif bars. They called and left me a message advising me of the recall.  The bf’s bday is next Tuesday but with his wonky work week his ‘Friday’ is actually tomorrow and he’s been wanting some chicken wings for a while so I’m going to pick some up for him to enjoy with some beer.  I’ll have to figure out what I’m going to eat though since I’m not big on wings.  Maybe I’ll also get a nice big salad or something.  Lol @ me planning so far ahead. I really need to focus on actually waking up tomorrow morning! It’s getting harder as the week goes on!

But my reward for getting through tomorrow will be coming home and watching Lost! I can’t wait!!!

I hope everyone’s having a safe and happy hump day!



  1. That is such a smart idea to enjoy it in a cone! And skor pieces? Yummy!

  2. That lasagna looks fab! And what a great idea for dessert! Have a good evening 🙂

  3. I totally have those days where I just want to eat. Sometimes it’s legit and I find that I actually needed the energy. Other times I’m just bored!
    I love the magazine stash in the background of your breakfast photo 😉 Looks like we both share that habit!

  4. I love LOST, I too could not get through it but for different reasons. I realized i watched season 4 soooo long ago and on my comp that i have forgotten a lot of the plot!!! I need a refresher night first, i also missed that recap episode. Nice eats! I love Skor bars!

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