Posted by: limberkimbers | January 28, 2009

Save a horse…

I was going to do another 2-in-1 post tonight but since I got to work even earlier than usual I’m just going to do a quick drive-by post and then go catch up on all the blogs I’ve missed.

Last night was the bf’s bday which explains why I never posted. We’re usually pretty independant and do our own thing at home but on his bday he wanted to hang out which was a-ok with me.

I’m getting ahead of myself!  The day started at 4:30, breakfast was at 4:45 and I was tired and didn’t feel like making anything, so Kashi + blueberries it was!  On the side I had one of my oatmeal banana muffins.

I was hungry again at around 8 so I opened up the Bumble Bar that I’d bought last week.

It was GROSS. To be fair I only had 1 bite of it but it really tasted awful enough for me to not want to put more in my mouth. So I pulled out and ate a Cinnamon roll Larabar instead.  Over the course of the morning I also ate a Fuji & a Gala apple! I’m glad to have found apples that I reallu enjoy the taste of. I also really love Granny Smith apples but I like them best with salt which isn’t the best thing ever so I don’t even bother with them.

Anyways!  It was Biggest Loser Weigh-In and Measurement day! I was cornered by the leader and I’ve actually lost a couple of inches! I was super happy!  A lot of people have actually gained in these 2 weeks though. Oh well. I’ll post more about this in my end of month weigh-in and wrap up.

At lunch we did the stairs, there was actually 5 of us so we were a good little group going! We really pushed ourselves too except we’re not sure how much of an improvement we made since the guy that usually has the stopwatch forgot it.

Afterwards I popped my sandwich into the sandwich toaster and had a handful of carrots & chipotle hummus. Nothing exciting but I do really like this lunch. I also like that carrots and hummus have somehow become my go-to snack considering up until a few weeks ago I didn’t even like hummus!

The bf had specifically requested calzones for dinner.  I had originally planned on making my own dough but totally ran out of time this weekend and took the lazy route and got a pillsbury pizza dough from the store. Blasphemy, I know!

I wanted to make something fun for the filling but the bf wanted Pizza calzones so my hands were tied. I mixed together some pizza sauce, thinly sliced pepperoni, orange pepper, green onions, mushrooms and mozz.  Once i’d stuffed and folded I brushed the dough with some olive oil and sprinkled pepper on it.

They turned out great! The bf LOVED his. I was just bummed that I forgot to put olives in mine, but other than that thought it turned out really well. Next time I’ll for sure make my own dough though.

With dinner I had a half glass of wine. It’s funny, there was a time in our house when a bottle of wine wouldn’t last 1 night, this particular bottle has been in the fridge for over a week and there’s still some left in it!

The thing I was looking forward to most all evening was CAKE! Actually just the Mississippi Mud Pie I’d bought him last week.. but we were both STUFFED from dinner and stayed stuffed all evening so we had no cake 😦 

I did tune in to watch about an hour of The Biggest Loser but I wasn’t able to stay awake for hour #2. I prefer to watch this show on ffwd to be honest! Some parts just drag on WAY TOO MUCH! Also, i can’t believe that some of the at-home contestants were slacking off so much and/or not even making an effort to eat well. Though I shouldn’t be so quick to judge cause that’s probably all in the editing. My biggest complain of the first hour though was that there was no Jillian!



  1. Yummy eats! Looks you did a great job on the calzone!

  2. Homemade calzone is pretty impressive, Pillsbury or not! They look great!
    Too bad about that Bumble Bar–I thought those might become the next Larabars but I guess not! Cute packagine though 😉

  3. I never used to eat apples, now I can’t stay away from them! I really do have at least one a day. I think when I was eating crappy food all the time, my tastebuds were so screwed up that I wasn’t enjoying the taste of FOOD but instead enjoying the taste of fried oil & salt. Now, I enjoy the slight sweetness in an applie, like really enjoy it!

  4. Oh sorry to hear about the Bumblebar! And granny smith apples with salt? Oh, interesting! I never really thought of adding salt to apples.

    But oh wow, that dinner calzone looks oh-so damn good!

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