Posted by: limberkimbers | February 3, 2009

Leader of the Bret’s

So apparently in my updating yesterday I actually forgot to include yesterday’s eats, not quite sure what happened there! So today I’m doing a 2-for-1 update.

So a few months ago the bf and I got the pierogi pizza from Boston Pizza, and it was kind of awesome. I had some potatos hanging out that needed to be used up, as well as some Naan breads so I was inspired. I cooked & mashed the taters with some milk and lots of pepper. I then spread a layer onto the naan, added some crumbled bacon and shredded cheese and some ricotta. OMGYUM.  It was kind of plain but still tasty. On the side I had some bbq sauce for dipping. As a backup, in case these didn’t turn out I made a plain pizza which explains why one of the pieces on the plate doesn’t belong!

I forgot to take a pic of bfast this morning but it was the usual. Dinner tonight was the shrimp w/ feta, basil and orzo that I pretty much make evert week because it’s awesome and I love it.  I could probably eat shrimp every day I love them so much!

I was still a bit hungry after this so I made dessert. This is a classic case of me not knowing what I want! haha! I have a serving of mango & pineapple yoghurt, some Kashi, some carob chips, some cool whip and a Pirouline cookie. Idk what I was thinking but it was good and hit the spot! I`m loving this yoghurt I bought, I`m not normally a fan so to find one that I enjoy the taste of is a big win in my books!

I was planning on running tonight. Unfortunately, I forgot my shoes at work 😦  I was actually super bummed about that because I had gotten myself excited about getting on the treadmill.  Instead I did about 20 minutes of pilates and called it a day. Tomorrow is at work we`re doing the stairs and as soon as we`re done the shoes are going in my bag so that I can run when I get home! 

I haven`t gotten around to updating my Jan weightloss stuff but I will do it at work tomorrow. All my stats are there and I forgot to bring those home too!

Anyways, I`m off to watch this week`s episode of Big Love. Last week`s kind of blew my mind, I love that show! I also need to delete stuff from my computer.. I`ve only got about 12mb of free space left which is kind of ridiculous!

I hope you`re all well 😀



  1. Your dinner today looks really good! I’m also a HUGE fan of shrimp and could eat it basically everyday:)

    Have a good evening!

  2. I heart your pizza. And I love Pirouline cookies, those are soo delicious!!!

  3. That dessert bowl looks like it was meant to all go together! Love those pirouline sticks. Yum.

  4. Um, I think Tabasco would have helped your naan! Looks great!

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