Posted by: limberkimbers | February 4, 2009

If I`d been there I wouldn`t have run from the bear


So this evening I pulled out some veggie burgers from the freezer that I had bought a few weeks back.  EVO`s Veggieburst Burgers.  I was actually excited about these because of the ingredients list, Carrots, potatoes, onions, zucchini, romaine, chickpea flour, rice flour, salt, spices, non-hydrogenated canola oil for frying. 

Here`s the nutritional info –

Here`s what they looked like out of the box and into the pan.. they looked SO GOOD!

I cooked these for about 7 minutes per side which was what was suggested on the box. I threw it on a bun with a laughing cow wedge, some avocado, a slice of tomato, some caramelized onion chutney & some mustard. I had some carrots on the side.

The verdict?  It was like biting into a puck made of sawdust. Idk what went wrong, but for one the middle wasn’t heated through. I will try these one more time and cook them in the oven. I want to like them but attempt number 1 was a big let down.  I only ate about half of the burger and then it went in the trash 😦

Since today is Wednesday that meant it was stairs day.  Neither myself or my stair buddy felt like going but we forced ourselves to go.  We didn’t go as fast as normal, it took us 40 minutes to do our run 3x as opposed to the regular 35 minutes. I’m glad we went though.  My muscles are all sore from pilates from yesterday though! I’m hurtin’!

So I’m at a point right now where my motivation to lose the weight and stay active is slowly getting away from me. Every other time that I’ve gone down this weightloss path this is right about the time where I abandon my new lifestyle and fall back into old habits. This time i’m hoping to avoid that. I’ve expressed how I feel to a few people close to me and they’re on board to help me stay on track. So between them and you guys I think I’ll be ok. In the past I think I never acknowledged this change but now that I recognize what’s happening I can be extra vigilent!

Anyhow, that’s about all I have for tonight. Lost is on but once again I won’t be staying up. I’m going to pvr it and watch tomorrow night.  For now I think, I’m going to go do some blog reading and a bit of homework done. There’s nothing like a parent nagging at you to to get your homework done.. my mother seriously just called and lectured me about putting off my homework! I’m almost 28! Ridiculous.



  1. Awh, sorry to hear about the burger. But yes, try the oven next time, or cook on low heat for a longer period of time?

    Hey, hang in there with the motivation. We’re always here for you when you need it! LOL to your mom!!!!

  2. Oh, what a disapointment 😦 The ingredients list looked so promising!

  3. All of those ingredients sounds like the turkey meatloaf i make, but it doesn’t taste anything like sawdust. Sorry. I should try making mine into patties for during the week. Oh now that’s an exciting tasty idea =) Thanks!

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