Posted by: limberkimbers | February 15, 2009

Over by the water cooler listening to the chatter

I had a movie day today where I did nothing but watch movies. It was kind of awesome 😀

I was pretty completly unproductive though but I needed a down day like this. I did no homework at all this weekend but I’m sure I’ll catch up this week. At the moment I’m just finishing up the last of my laundry and I’m calling it a night!

I skipped breakfast this morning. Bad idea but my stomache was killing me and I couldn’t stand to eat anything. I drank lots of water and held off until lunch.  I had some leftover salmon and shrimp pie with some carrots and some chipotle spinach dip. The spinach dip is actually super gross 😦  I also had 2 pieces of leftover baguette from last night and some m&m’s.  Am I the last to know they make them with dark chocolate now??  That’s not a good thing for me to know, lol!

I haven’t had red meat since I don’t know when so tonight I decided would be a deer meat night.  So I thawed a couple of steaked and threw together a harvest veggie bake and that consisted of dinner. Unfortunately, for some reason neither the bf or I were hungry so we finally made ourselves eat at 7:00pm.  The steak was great.  The veggie bake was amazing. I’d made this once before and really loved it. It’s some roasted sweet potato, cauliflour and carrots tossed in olive oil and thyme. Once they’re roasted I put them in a pyrex dish and top them with a mixture of cooked onions, tomato paste and chicken broth. Once the mixture has boiled I mix in some cheddar and pour it over the veggies and then on top of that I make a ‘crumble’ type topping of oatmeal, flour, walnuts and maple syrup. SO YUM.

Tomorrow is Family Day in Ontario.  It’s a provincial holiday but since I work for the Federal government it’s not recognized so I’m one of the few who has to work 😦  I plan on spending the beggining part of my day reading all your lovely blogs. I hope you all had a great and relaxing weekend 😀


  1. Sorry to hear about having to work tomorrow! Hope all goes well. Your plan sounds great!

    And tasty eats today!

  2. I love the measurement of the M&M’s 😉 And I JUST found out they do dark chocolate, too. Must get my hands on some!

  3. that veggie bake looks very yummy! And I didn’t know they made dark choc. m&ms!!!!!!!

  4. Your meals look yummy! I love spinach dip. Love the M&M’s!

  5. movie day sounds WONDERFUL!!!!!

  6. I just discovered Hershey Dark Chocolate Coca Reserves 60%. It’s pretty low in sugar and a little less fat that others I compared in that % but still gives me the chocolate fix i need. Just a little pricey.

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