Posted by: limberkimbers | February 24, 2009

I got a bucket and filled it with raindrops

The new Lily Allen album is pretty incredible. I’ve already listened to it about 3x and I LOVE it 😀

Preparations are underway for my San Diego trip! I spent the weekend cleaning the house from top to bottom. I leave on Saturday morning so I won’t have time to clean next weekend and I know the bf won’t do anything when I’m gone other than throw out the trash and clean the bathrooms/kitchen.  It’s funny that I’m not even gone yet but I’m already thinking about when I get back,lol.

Everytime I workout I put a sticker on my calendar. This month my calendar looks so pitifull.I need to rectify this immediately.  Except that on Friday I slipped on some ice and hurt my ankle. It’s not sprained I don’t think but it really hurts when I walk on it. At lunch I did 1 round of the stairs with my workout buddy but it hurt too much to continue so we ended it there. When I came home I did do some abs and pilates so that’s something.   I am looking forward to working out in the hotel gym when I’m in San Diego though, I have some workout outfits packed already!

I’m still starting out my mornings the same way, I’ve been super lazy when it comes to food. Toast + Nutella. While this is delicious it’s also not the most bang for my buck nutrition-wise. When I get back I’m going to be changing my eating habits back up, but for now I’m going with it.

For dinners this is what I’ve had the last 4 nights..

Saturday was spag w/ homemade sauce & fresh parm & ghetto garlic bread. (lol @ the flyer in the photo!)

Sunday was Butter Chicken. DELISH! I just discovered this meal a few weeks ago and I love it! This time around I tried the President’s Choice sauce and it wasn’t as good as the previous one I’d bought which was V8 I think?

Last night was burgers. With real meat! These were so worth the stomach ache I had to deal with!

Tonight was homemade calzones. Just regular cheese, pepperoni, mushroom and orange pepper mixed with sauce. I forgot to take an inside pic, sorry.



  1. We are so alike! I always clean the house before I leave on a trip too, b/c I HATE coming home to a dirty mess! Have fun on your trip!

  2. Oh my gosh, I slipped on ice yesterday! I almost died! LOL Awh, I hope your ankle is okay! My bumm just hurt after I fell. =_=-

  3. Wow, homemade calzones! That’s pretty cool.
    I hope you have a great trip! Don’t be so hard on yourself with the workouts…we all go through phases and things happen in life. You’re going to have a great time in SD!

  4. Your calzones look amazing! Good job! Hope your ankle feels better soon!

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