Posted by: limberkimbers | February 15, 2009

Over by the water cooler listening to the chatter

I had a movie day today where I did nothing but watch movies. It was kind of awesome 😀

I was pretty completly unproductive though but I needed a down day like this. I did no homework at all this weekend but I’m sure I’ll catch up this week. At the moment I’m just finishing up the last of my laundry and I’m calling it a night!

I skipped breakfast this morning. Bad idea but my stomache was killing me and I couldn’t stand to eat anything. I drank lots of water and held off until lunch.  I had some leftover salmon and shrimp pie with some carrots and some chipotle spinach dip. The spinach dip is actually super gross 😦  I also had 2 pieces of leftover baguette from last night and some m&m’s.  Am I the last to know they make them with dark chocolate now??  That’s not a good thing for me to know, lol!

I haven’t had red meat since I don’t know when so tonight I decided would be a deer meat night.  So I thawed a couple of steaked and threw together a harvest veggie bake and that consisted of dinner. Unfortunately, for some reason neither the bf or I were hungry so we finally made ourselves eat at 7:00pm.  The steak was great.  The veggie bake was amazing. I’d made this once before and really loved it. It’s some roasted sweet potato, cauliflour and carrots tossed in olive oil and thyme. Once they’re roasted I put them in a pyrex dish and top them with a mixture of cooked onions, tomato paste and chicken broth. Once the mixture has boiled I mix in some cheddar and pour it over the veggies and then on top of that I make a ‘crumble’ type topping of oatmeal, flour, walnuts and maple syrup. SO YUM.

Tomorrow is Family Day in Ontario.  It’s a provincial holiday but since I work for the Federal government it’s not recognized so I’m one of the few who has to work 😦  I plan on spending the beggining part of my day reading all your lovely blogs. I hope you all had a great and relaxing weekend 😀

Posted by: limberkimbers | February 14, 2009

The mindless comfort grows when I’m alone with my ‘great’ plans.

2 weeks from today I will be en route to San Diego! I was out shopping with my mom today and we are both SO EXCITED.  We’re both very much looking forward to this break. And the shopping. !

I woke up with only about 15 minutes to go to get ready before leaving so I wasn’t able to have oatmeal for breakfast like I had hoped. Instead I grabbed a Praeventia bar and a fuji apple.  At the coffee place I had a large Chai tea. Black. This actually turned out to be a decent breakfast.

My goal today was to buy a Christmas present for my [almost 6 y/o] godchild. Yup, I still haven’t gotten him anything for Christmas. Whoops.  The thing is, I bought him a desktop computer this summer because he was about to start school and his mother couldn’t afford to buy it for him. THAT was his Christmas present. But I was informed via a family member that MORE was still expected of me. First of all, I still haven’t been thanked for the computer so I’m a little annoyed about that. The fact that I’m expected to buy gifts? Not cool! He’s my godchild and of course I want to spoil him, but I also don’t want to give him everything he wants when he wants it. I feel as if my cousin, his mom has these ridiculous expecations of me and I plan on discussing this with her next week when I go to drop off the gifts.

lol, sorry. I didn’t actually mean to vent but there you have it. This has actually been bothering me a lot lately so it’s nice to get it out 😀  And for the record, I did find him a gift. I spent about $50 and I got him a pair of jeans, a couple of tops and this fun little fishing starter kit. He spends his summers where I spent my summers as a kid and there are some great fishing spots there he can go to with his granpa.

Anyways. For lunch mom and I hit up Tim Horton’s since it was already almost 2pm. I had a cream of brocoli soup [which was watery] and a 12 grain bagel and chai tea.  Nothing fancy but it hit the spot.  Over lunch mom and I discussed nutrition. She’s starting to really think about nutrition and her health and she wants to clean up her eating too, so she was asking me and products I buy and things that I eat. If our relatives can live to be over 70 years old by smoking and drinking and not paying attention to their diet, imagine the extra years we could potentially add on to our lives by improving a few things?

I know today is Valentines Day but it’s something that I actually don’t celebrate.  The bf and I used to exchange gifts on this day but this year I put an end to it. Our gifts were never  Valentines-y, they were books and dvds and other unromantic things so I said that this day would be like any other. The thing is, the bf’s bday is January 27th, just a short month after xmas. And then my bday is Feb 18th so having Valentines day so close just felt like too much.  I do hope everyone who does do something special has a wonderful time though.

So this is some of the loot that I brought home from the various stores I went to today,

I actually found Luna bars AND Clif bars at Loblaws! I never go there but they have an actually really great selection of products so I will for sure be going back!  These bars were 5/$5. I would have gotten more but they were almost out of all the flavors I was interested in.

For dinner I kind of threw a few things together. I had picked up this at Costco last night,

I also had a small brie stinking up the fridge so I blended some parsley, sundried tomatoes and garlic together, spread it over the brie and baked it for about a half hour. I had some of that spread over whole wheat baguette and then 3 pieces of sushi. All very random but filling and delicious too!


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Back into the swing of things.

Thank you all so much for the kind words. You all are too sweet.

Some background info, it was my great uncle who passed away. He was 73 years old and died of recently discovered lung cancer. He’s been a smoke his whole life. In a way he was fortunate that he didn’t suffer for very long.  While the funeral was sad it was also a great little family reunion. My uncle is from a family of 9, he’s the baby and he’s also the first to go.   In a way I see that as a positive thing, they were all able to live this long before having to lose one of their siblings, if I had any siblings of my own I would hope for the same thing.

Anyhow. Work has been kind of ridiculous what with year end and me being away. I’ve been pretty much running around like a chicken with its head cut off! And being that I wasn’t much home, the house has suffered also. This weekend I plan on getting everything back into place at home so I have at least 1 place that’s clean and inviting and where I want to be!

Dinner tonight was super simple, I boiled up some frozen cheese tortillini and then tossed it in a sauce made with lots of pepper, some milk and some cream cheese and a ham steak chopped up. It was very much a meal of the trashy persuasion which was a nice way to cap off my eats for this week.

Starting tomorrow morning, first thing I am back on track. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be healthy options and not so much convenient, trashy options. My body is seriously needing it. I’ve been feeling blah and I know the lack of GOOD food and exercise is very much to blame!

Now I’m going to settle in with a nice tall glass of water, a handfull of m&m dark’s and catching up on your blogs, I’ve actually been looking forward to this all day 😀

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